Review: iVi Scents

This is a review of iVi Scents products!

I wrote about my haul before here.  I bought some bath bombs, a body cream, and a soap.

Soft Drop Minis (Bath Bombs)
I tried them in Duo, Pillow Fight, Seafoam, and Honey Bun.

Clockwise from top left: Pillow Fight (pink), Duo (yellow), and Seafoam (blue)

Honey Bun

What it does:
iVi Scents Soft Drops are the perfect bath time delight. Packed with soothing oils and lots of fragrance! Your skin will feel smooth, clean, and oh so soft. Just drop one in and watch it whirl. Scent, color, sparkle, fizz! Oh what a joy it is!
(from the iVi Scents website)

Price: $4.99 each

– the scent is not overpowering
– lightly moisturizes your skin

– the scent descriptions on the website were unclear (to me).  For example, the description for Pillow Fight says, “Sweet Scent: A pillow fight during a sleep over birthday party”.  I have no idea what a pillow fight smells like.
– the bath bomb smells nice, but the scent does not transfer to the water.  I like my bath to smell nice when I use a bath bomb!
– leaves my skin feeling slightly oily.

Would I repurchase? Probably notThere are a lot of cheaper bath bombs in Japan!

iSmell Soap in Ozone

What it does:
iSmell Soaps are a better way to cleanse, because they are sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) free. So your skin will feel baby soft regardless of the season, location, or weather.
(from the iVi Scents website)

Price: $6.50 for 3.5 oz (100 g)

– Does not contain SLS
– Lathers well
– Large for the price

– This is a very soft soap.  The website suggests cutting it into pieces so that you can store the pieces that you do not use in a dry place.  The piece I kept in my shower melted very quickly.
– VERY overpowering smell.
– Smells like generic perfume.

Would I repurchase? No

iCing Body Frosting in Sandcastle

What it does:iCing Body Frosting is a super thick, extra rich, butter that’s better than a lotion. It goes on creamy , but dries to a silky-smooth, powdery finish — just like iCing on a cake! 
(from the iVi Scents website)

Price: about $11 for 4 oz (113 g)

– Creamy, whipped consistency
– Contains shea butter and aloe vera
– Very large amount for the price!

– THE SCENT.  This was a very cheap, generic scent.  It did not smell like “Fresh Scent: A warm, sunny day at the beach” (from their website), unless it meant I was spending a day on the beach with your grandma!

Would I repurchase?  No

I was hoping that these would take the place of my Lush things.  Strangely, I find these scents more overpowering than Lush.  I find that Lush smells more like herbs, while the products I tried from iVi Scents smell like perfume.

This is probably the first time I’ve done a negative review.  All my previous reviews have either been “I like this product!” or “this product was just OK”.  I really did want to like iVi Scents’ products!  I think the products themselves are pretty good, but the scents are just too generic-perfumey for me.   Please remember that scents are very much a personal preference.  I hope your experience with this brand is better than mine!

xoxo, K

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8 thoughts on “Review: iVi Scents”

  1. I was very curious to see what you thought of them! I agree with many of the points you mentioned based on the samples you sent me. I thought sandcastle smelled too much like sunscreen from the US….and who wants to smell like that when they are not at the beach. :I

  2. Thanks for the review. I’m sorry that it didn’t work out for you.

    I, personally, do not like overpowering, perfumey scents either.


  3. Good to know they don’t live up to their descriptions! Thanks for the honest review Kay! 🙂

    Haha.. “I don’t know what a pillow fight smells like.” LOL

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