Haul: iVi Scents!

This is my haul from iVi Scents!

I think I found out about this brand from a youtube video.  I was interested to buy some products because all of their products are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free.  I’m not sure how I feel about SLS yet, but I know that a lot of girls are trying to avoid it!

iVi Scents only has 4 types of products right now – a sugar scrub, a body cream, bath bombs, and soaps.

Here is what I got!
Three Soft Drop Minis (Bath Bombs) in Duo, Pillow Fight, and Seafoam
iVi Scents always has a freebie that you just have to add to your cart! When I ordered, it was a free Soft Drop Mini.  I got the Honey Bun one!
An iCing Body Frosting Lotion (Body Cream) in Sandcastle!

An iSmell Soap in Ozone
Cute packaging!

The soap comes with a recommendation that you cut it into pieces and use each piece, so that you can prolong the scent and so that it doesn’t all melt in your shower!
Ozone is a bluish color! (Yes, this is a piece I used… )

I’ll post some reviews about the products once I get a chance to use them!
Here are some initial thoughts about the company!

Here is the front label of the package I received.
First, I really liked that they have a caution message that these products may melt.
Their website also labels which products may melt.  If you live in a hot climate, you can avoid buying those and having them melt during shipping!
Next, let’s take a look at the actual shipping cost above ($12.48)…

And then at the shipping cost in my invoice ($14.48)…
As you can see, they are only charging $2 above the actual shipping price!
I thought that was pretty decent!  I’ve seen many companies with a very increased shipping cost!

My package also came with this card
On the back, it had a message saying who packaged it and when!
The package also came with a referral card!
It says to email referrals@iviscents.com for a free gift.  I don’t know how it works, but try it out if you are interested!
(The card also says that I receive something for referring people, but I don’t know if they send gifts abroad!)

Hope that was interesting!
If you have any recommendations on any soaps/body lotions/bath products, please let me know!

xoxo, K

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8 thoughts on “Haul: iVi Scents!”

  1. wow these bath products look very nice! love the cute packaging too πŸ™‚ I will need to check them out soon πŸ™‚

  2. Nice haul! It seems that the company is really trying to be very customer oriented, which I like. Looking forward to your review.


  3. Sounds like a very detail oriented company! But alas, living where I am, everything would melt at the PO! LOL! Can’t wait for your reviews!

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