Review: Q10 Marine Collagen SPA Beauty Mask eye masks

This is a review for the Q10 Marine Collagen SPA Beauty Mask eye masks!

Eki sent me a few of these to try!  This is my honest opinion, and has not been influenced!  I know that when I read reviews of products that were sent to that person, I read them with a grain of salt… so feel free to do so!

What it does:
One-of-a-kind Transparent Technology STS System Intense Hydration and revitalizing are all results of the STS system (Skin Temperature Sensitive System), used in this gel mask. A sheet-formed transparent mask composed of ingredients including Q10, natural extracts, purified water and marine native collagen. Most of the essences will remain since this is not a paper mask therefore enabling real and direct absorption from the mask. No rinsing is required after use.

10x Absorption Technology Dissolve upon encounter heat + one way absorption This face mask will gradually dissolve under your body temperature and permeate quickly into your skin, providing the nutrients and moisture needed. The thickness of the mask will then be reduced from 2mm to 1mm. The absorption rate of this product is more than 98%.
(from eki’s site)

Price:  Eki sells them for 5 for $6.50

Here’s what they look like in the package!
You can see that each piece is like a piece of jelly!

– very soothing and hydrating for the undereye area
– no scent
– can be used warm or cool.  The packaging says to submerge the whole packaging in warm water!  Eki said that they are great after they’ve been chilled in the fridge!
– I really liked the feeling of jelly on my undereye area

– I did not see any permanent effects

Would I repurchase? Yes!  I really liked these after a hard day!

Eki-chan, thanks for sending these to me!  I’d never struggled with undereye circles before, but recently they have been getting kind of obvious!  I really did like these and I’m going to repurchase… as soon as I’ve finished more stuff in my skin care stash!!!

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

PS: One of my loyal visitors is apparently from the Osaka area.  Please let me know who you are!  I would love to meet up with you!!

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9 thoughts on “Review: Q10 Marine Collagen SPA Beauty Mask eye masks”

  1. This is the first time that I’ve seen anything like this. It was very interesting! I like cool and soothing sensation for my eyes.


  2. I’ve not got my round in to trying these yet, They look rather cooling though. i think I need to pop mine in the fridge too. Thank you for that advice …^^

  3. ooolala 🙂 i love the jelly eye masks as well! so much more awesome feeling than the thinner paper (or cloth?) ones.

  4. i agree, these are so fun to use and feel great on your eyes…just not sure they do anything hehe thanks for the review!

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