Love from eki!!

Eki-chan surprised me with a belated birthday gift!!

She kindly checked out my wishlist and surprised me with stuff from MAC!

MAC eyeshadow pro pans in Stars ‘n Rockets (left) and Humid (right)
I REALLY wanted these eyeshadows!  I’m so excited to try them!
MAC 15 pan eyeshadow palette
My palette collection is expanding!  Not only do I have MAC eyeshadow pans, I’ve also been pressing my loose eyeshadows so that I can use them more frequently!
Undereye masks
Eki-chan, how did you know I need to take better care of my undereyes????
Work is so tough that it’s taking a toll on my eyes!
A love note from eki!
Yes, I’m looking forward to meeting with you in Kansai as well!!!
Thank you again, eki-chan!!!!!!!!!
I was SO surprised and astounded!
xoxo, K

PS: I have a new twitter account for this blog!  Follow me here!!

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8 thoughts on “Love from eki!!”

  1. Eki is so kind!! I’ve been lusting after Stars n Rockets for a long time now too, but I never got around to getting it, lol.

    Lemme know if you need me to grab any MAC stuff for you from Canada. I know you said its v expensive in JP =)

  2. Oh, what a cute surprise by Eki! The two eyeshadows are awesome colors!

    I have Humid too actually, but haven been neglecting my MAC shadows in my 15-pan palettes a lot, ever since I’m expanding my quad palette collection. :/

    Hope to see a FOTD of you soon, Kay!

  3. I have used these eye masks, and they are super good! They really smooth your undereye area – unfortunately, the effect is only temporary =[

  4. Hi Kay-chan~

    I hope you are doing better,, I know how tough work can be if you dont have a right person in command,,, 🙁 I hope you get to rest up this weekend!! I am here if you need to talk ok <3

    Glad to hear you like the mask as they are one of my favorite to use when I need to de-stress~ they feel amazing if you keep them chilled in the fridge!! ^__^

    take care Hun~

  5. Eki is amazing isn’t she! Well so are you! But yay! A empty palette! Now to fill it! It gets outta control when you have that empty palette though! LOL!

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