Love from Anastacia / Empanadas, Coleslaw, and Kit-Kats

I got some love from Anastacia!

She very kindly sent me the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack!
 Wow, I’ve been really interested in trying this!
She also included some face masks from the Face Shop!
Thank you so much, Anastacia!
Some quick food porn:
This is the newest LE Kit-Kats  (Strawberry & Cranberry flavored)
I’ve been making this really easy, really tasty coleslaw lately!
Just shred cabbage, blanch it, and mix with oil-free dressing.
Blanching it (or alternatively, microwaving it for one minute) will reduce the volume and make it easier to eat, while retaining the crunchy texture.
I really like Japanese oil-free dressings (like this one) because they are really fresh-tasting and not overly sweet!
I also like to add a bit of ponzu and concentrated soba sauce!
I can eat up a whole plateful of this!!  
I’ve been making empanadas again!
THESE ARE SERIOUSLY GOOD!!!!!  The filling contains ground beef, onions, tomatoes, chopped olives, and chopped hard boiled eggs.  I’ll add more olives and more boiled eggs next time!
I’m also getting better at making the pastry!
I love to stash them in the freezer so that I can pop one into the microwave in the morning.
Hope you’re having a great week!
xoxo, K
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16 thoughts on “Love from Anastacia / Empanadas, Coleslaw, and Kit-Kats”

  1. oh man those empanadas look goooooooood!they look like Chinese fried buns xD
    I have really got to get on to the LE Kit Kat train, it IS after all my fav chocolate but I’ve only ever had the chocolate one xD
    I have a question to ask and this might be too bold! I know u recently visited America so this might no longer be applicable, but I was wondering if you’ll be interested in doing a swap for Japanese products in exchange for Canadian/US products?
    Please let me know!xD

  2. Oooh my the food looks so goood! It’s so sweet of Anastacia! I love the Laneige water sleeping pack I can’t live without lool!

  3. Ohh empanadas & coleslaw that sounds good!! Seriously Kay when you post up your cooking it always looks yummo!

    KitKats!!! Whooot!! Is it bad that I’m more excited for that then the Laneige?! LOL!

  4. the empanadas look so yummy! so do the new kit kats πŸ™‚

    i need to remember to use my sleeping pack more often – my skin is always so soft once i rinse it off the next morning!

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