Food – Mitarashi Dango (rice dumplings with sweet soy sauce)

eki requested that I do a post about mitarashi dango (mochi dumplings with sweet soy sauce glaze)!

 Please excuse the lopsided dango – I made these myself!
I got the recipe from (a Japanese cooking site similar to
Dango are pretty easy to make, but they take some practice to make well!
Basically, you mix joushinko (a type of rice flour) with water, knead well, roll it into balls, and boil them.
The dough is really hard to knead, and it won’t be sticky, so it’s hard to know how long to knead it.
However, if you don’t knead it well enough, the dango won’t become sticky after they are boiled!
Dango made from rice flour will become hard the next day, similar to the way day-old rice is hard.  Some people knead some tofu into their dango, which helps to keep the dango soft.  I like dango with tofu because it lightens the texture!
Mitarashi (the sauce) is made from soy sauce and sugar, thickened with soy sauce.  I like to add mirin (a kind of sweet cooking wine) to the sauce to give it a nice glaze.
Eki-chan, hope that helped!
xoxo, K
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17 thoughts on “Food – Mitarashi Dango (rice dumplings with sweet soy sauce)”

  1. i heart this dessert! its available at the ION mall here. they offers quite a big range of varieties! i like the red bean & this soy sauce one! YUM! and the chef actually toast it a little before applying those yummy sauce…

  2. It looks delicious! I think that you did a wonderful job making them. It’s definitely not easy to make. I made hanami dango last year and I had a difficult time with it. The timing of boiling it to make sure it was cooked through was hard!

    Thanks for sharing this!


  3. omg yum. i had some in japan, thinking that it was caramel sauce on it……. but i like it even better that it’s soy sauce on it!! 😀

  4. ooohh i wanna see more Japanese cook tuts!! XD my mother in law taught me last 2 weeks, ive learned 肉じゃが and ロールキャベツ!

    Dango and mochi are one of my fave Japanese food 😀 looks yummy XD

  5. yumyum!!! i just tried this for the first time a few month ago and fell in love w/ it. I need to try to make this sometimes 🙂

  6. Oh those look yummy!they always sell them at the Japanese festival here but for some reason I’ve always thought they were fishballs hahah!
    I totally stocked up on mirin, cooking sake, soy sauce, and dashi! Gonna do lots of Cooking with Dog recipes!

  7. OH damn… *drools* Kay that looks so good!! Btw I demolished those creme brulee flavored filled pretz things in like 5 min! LOL! That was good! I think I might disguise your quarters in a toy or something! LOL! Still thinking of ideas!

  8. Wahhh~ The food looks so delicious *drool worthy*! I think you should do more recipes so I can try them at home… hehe~ 🙂

  9. YUMMMMMMMMMMMM.. i saw some of these at mitsuwa and i was like, OMG NEED TO GET.. but.. i got melon pan instead, hahaha. sadness 🙁

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