Eating out with Mona!

Mona took me out to eat on my last day there!
What better way to end my trip than to go food hopping!!!
(Yes, I did get to meet Charlotte as well!)

Pommes Frites with Mango Chutney Mayo!
Lobster Rolls!
Crab rolls!
Crab claws!
Mona generously gave me some gifts!

Lush Snowcake soap!

Lush Smitten hand cream, which smells like Snowcake!

Bath bomb!

EOS lip balm!



These will be my first American falsies!
I wonder why the lashes are so different from Asian falsies?

An Eyeko palette!


MAC creamstick!

Stila Lip and Cheek Stains!

MAC Oh Baby Lipglass!

Thank you so much, Mona!
I had a great time with you!
Next up: My haul, part 1 (I bought surprisingly little!)
xoxo, K
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23 thoughts on “Eating out with Mona!”

  1. hmmmm everything look SO yummy!! mona is so sweet, lookie all the goodies she got u πŸ™‚ let us know how you like american falsies hahaha

  2. I am so glad to got to see Mona!! And Charlotte.

    Of course, you’re going to get great goodies and food when you’re out with Mona, lol!

  3. Wow Mona got you so many goodies! LOL I love that Charlotte looks bigger then Mona in that picture. Everyone is loving that EOS lip balm, let us know if you like it.

    Now I’m craving lobster… =)

  4. MMmmm.. Dang I want some shellfish & fries now! LOL! Looks good!!

    Wow M is so great with the love! Just like you! LOL You got a nipple balm now!!! I really like the Revlon falsies too. The band is so light on them.


  5. Charlotte is so cute! She looks longer than most Corgi’s I know… hehe~ That’s so sweet of Mona to get you all that and treat you out! πŸ™‚

  6. WOW that’s a ton of pics!

    i always imagined charlotte as being SMALLER.. but she’s quite a large dog it seems! or maybe mona’s just tiny as well xD

    you two look soooo cute together πŸ™‚

  7. Oh yum! The food looks delicious, especially the fries with mango mayo?
    and so many awesome gifts πŸ™‚ I heard the EOS limp balm is awesome… But I haven’t tried it yet!

  8. Lots of yummy food! Looks like you gals had a fabulous time! How sweet of Mona! I love Lush Smitten hand cream:)

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