CLOSED – GIVEAWAY – Canmake Lipgloss & Blush

I’ve reached a whopping 400 followers!
Thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!!!

To celebrate, I’m doing a quick giveaway!
Here are the prizes:
Canmake Nudy Glow Rouge Lipgloss in 06 Peach Milk
Canmake Cheek Gradation in 06 Candy Stripe

Peach Milk and Candy Stripe are the newest colors in these lines!
I’m so excited about these new colors since both Nudy Glow Rouge and Cheek Gradation are such popular products

No swatches since these are brand new and still sealed!!

Here’s what you need to do to win this!
In the comments, please answer this question:
What one MAC eyeshadow would you suggest I buy?
(1) Please suggest something I do not currently own.  I have the following:
Vanilla, All That Glitters, Nylon, Satin Taupe, Honey Lust, Sumptuous Olive, Mulch, Woodwinked, Carbon, Phloof!, Silver Ring, Goldmine, Parfait Amour
(the color you suggest does not have to be a neutral!)

(2) Please suggest something from the permanent line!
(3) If you are not familiar with MAC eyeshadows, this post from Temptalia may help!
(3) This giveaway is open to everyone who is publicly following my blog!
(4) The deadline is 23:59 on Saturday, May 15, Japan Standard Time!
Thank you so much for your love, and I’m looking forward to reading your suggestions!
xoxo, K
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77 thoughts on “CLOSED – GIVEAWAY – Canmake Lipgloss & Blush”

  1. I follow your blog! Please enter me! I think you should get patina, or club, since you seem to like neutrals (based on your list of what you already have). Both of them are pretty unique to MAC (esp club) and are perm too πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for the giveaway! Personally, I love Satellite Dreams the best! It’s a be-a-utiful pearly purple. Gives a slight sheen when put on but has no glitter. It’s perfect for a slight wash of color or a dramatic purple smoky eye,

  3. I suggest Jest… is like a champagne color, it matches with all that glitters pretty well. Jest and all that glitters are my everyday look eotd must have πŸ™‚

  4. I would reco Cork. It is very versatile, can use it for shading in brows and you can use it on your lids. It is brown,light to medium, but definitely not drab

    Hope my suggestion helped!

  5. MAC Greensmoke is a greyish, brow olive-green. I know you like neutral looks! This shadow is also great for smokey looks. (Use black shadow and just blennnnd).

  6. Hi Kay!

    I don’t think I have *any* MAC eyeshadows currently lol, but All That Glitters is on my list! Karen from MBB did a post on it recently and it looks like the perfect tired day eyeshadow ( Kind of like a toned down, pressed version of Melon pigment. (Though, if you were looking for a really beautiful peachy gold and you don’t mind pigments, Melon pigment is truly beautiful!)

  7. I would totally suggest Ploof. I think that’s how you spell it? Haha. It’s a really nice highlight color! It’s not too shimmery, and it’s just perfect!

  8. Vex! That is one interesting highlight! I think it’s got green-undertones? Reminds me of a mermaid scale. I think it’s subtle enough to wear as a highlight, but complex enough to wear on its own. πŸ™‚

  9. Thank you for the giveaway! I suggest Naked Lunch and or Smut. Smut is a dark color, but not just that dark boring black and Naked Lunch is such a beautiful peachy shimmery color, that is a great neutral color.

  10. Hey! For my suggestion, I’d say Twinx, because it seems like we may have similar tastes in color. I have all the colors you have and Twinx would be a good addition.

  11. I love love love love Hey, it’s a gorgeous champagne beige with a veluxe pearl finish, but unfortunately it’s LE but it was recently repromoted in the Prep for Colour collection.
    From the perm collection I’d suggest Gesso, Shroom and Jest!

  12. omg the newest canmake lip gloss and blush looks super pretty! i am all about peachy shades this spring, peach milk sounds yummy hahhaa :p

    I don’t own any mac eyeshadows! But I am all for neutral shades, and looking at Temptalia’s very helpful post, I suggest you to get Ricepaper, it sounds like a shade that I would definitely want ot get, because she described it as a shimmery peachy beige shade that can instantly brighten your look. Again, I am in love with anything peachy this spring. And I love a versatile shadow like this one that might possibly work well as a highlighter and an all over lid shade (I love the more awake look I achieve with some inner lid corner and brow bone highlight and currently I use Benefit’s high beam to do that).

  13. I can’t believe you don’t have “Bronze”!!! It’s a gorgeous color, I use it on the corner and sometimes a crease if I am doing a bronze smokey eye. It has shimmer, gorgeous color. I am able to use it quite often and it is the only MAC eyeshadow I have actually run out of (and repurchased). That is what I recommend! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  14. Another wonderful giveaway! πŸ˜€

    I would suggest you to choose “Contrast”. It’s a intense purple/blue color that you can use for a smokey eyes or simply eyeline your eyes. πŸ˜€

  15. I really love MAC Humid eyeshadow! It’s a gorrrgeous green color that is the perfect deep green.

    PS. following the blog under “Jen” soulsponge at yahoo dot com. πŸ™‚

  16. I think u should get HUMID πŸ™‚
    its such a pretty rich green that flatters many skin tones. Its perfect for any situation: smokey eyes, daytime wash of colour, u name it! and if you want a green, be sure to get this one. the frost finish is subtle not over powering..almost like a sheen. CONGRATS on the 400+ followers ^.^

  17. i personally love shroom πŸ˜€ my first MAC eyeshadow! it’s more of a warmer tone than phloof and definitely more subtle.

  18. I would definitely recommend something that could be useful and a color that is very versatile and I think SATIN TAUPE is the best fit to that because it’s a very sultry color like seen in the magazines. It’s also an eyeshadow that can be simple if you want a more natural and day look and can also be dramatic, just add a bit of black eyeshadow and tons of mascara and your good to go. I think it has been everybody’s favorite because it a very wearable color, very pigmented, blendable, and buildable!
    I think its an eyeshadow that last you forever

  19. By the way congratulations for reaching up 400 followers and I hope someday that I could also reach numbers of readers like that soon, it just means that 400 bloggers have been appreciating your blogs and have learned so much from you, because I’ve just started to blog for three months… once again CONGRATULATIONS!

  20. Thanks a lot for the giveaway, and congrats for the 400 hit.
    The mac shadow I’d suggest is Moon’s Reflection. When I think of the summer, I think of the ocean, and I think a light sky blue color will really suits the weather and the beach!^0^ Hope you like it!

  21. Congrats gal!

    hmm, i would recommend sweet lust, i got it from warm & cozy collection and its part of their perm collection too. Its shimmery pink, guesss it might easier for you to try out of neutral.

  22. Definitely, go for Contrast. Its a beautiful dark metal blue, tht might be helpful for a bold smokey eyes… I can almost see it with a porcelain skin and neutral pink lips…beautiful!!

  23. Congratulation Kay! πŸ™‚
    I would say GLEAM.. A perfect all over lid eyeshadow. It’s described as pinkish gold and I would say it has a little bit of champagne to it too.. absolutely gorgeous πŸ™‚


  24. I shall give all the ladies a chance to win these goodies, but I suggest Sushi flower.. amazing, pigmented pink!

  25. congrats on your 400 followers!! i would suggest Club! It’s an absolute favorite of mine. It’s great for a smoky look or to deepen your crease and the color is just really unique :]

  26. My favorite is Beauty marked , not only is Beauty Marked the first MAC eyeshadow I ever got,MAC describes it as a black-red w/sparkle pearl. In the pot, it looks like a black eyeshadow with burgundy/maroon/deep purple sparkles in it. It’s just gorgeous to look at/it honestly doesn’t look like what it is in the pot. It blends out on the eye into a deep blackberry color, perfect for pairing with purples (my favorite) or creating a “smokey plum” look,.

  27. those new canmake products look lovely!

    I’d suggest Cork for a matte, neutral shade – it’s a nice taupe for a wash of color or for contouring…Soba is my go-to for a simple look for work, shimmery golden taupe…Shroom is probably my favorite highlighting shade, not as gold as Ricepaper so it’s really subtle πŸ™‚ but if you’re looking to get away from neutrals, go for Deep Truth – it’s a gorgeous shimmery navy blue! If I HAD to pick only one, it would be between Deep Truth or Shroom πŸ™‚

  28. Congrats reaching 400!!! πŸ™‚

    If I had to choose a color for you and I’ve been wanting this same color myself, it’s Honesty. It’s such a pretty, neutral brown color… hehe~

    By the looks of this, you will reach 500 pretty soon. πŸ˜‰

  29. Oh! so sorry totally misinterpreted your rules but anyways There is one eyeshadow that I also suggest it’s KNIGHT DIVINE, it’s a SILVERISH DARK GRAY with a slight BLUE undertones eyeshadow, sometimes depending on the skin tone it also looks neutral that’s why it can be worn during the day (it looks more gray during the day) and can also be pulled off during the night just add more mascara/put on fake lashes/more eyeliners your good to go. because when there is lesser light it looks more darker depending on the lighting. It’s one of those eyeshadows which is very unique, it has amazing color pay off also very blendable and so pigmented, I have this eyeshadow and it’s gorgeous trust me. XOXO MIKI ♥

  30. hi Kay ~
    I suggest Stars ‘n Rockets. it’s pinkish purple. i really like the undertone to it.
    thanks for the giveaway!

  31. i’m suggesting Nocturnelle eyeshadow!!!preetty as a smokey eye look and suitable for work too! versatile and i love the colour!

    congrats and thanks for having this giveaway!!!

  32. I think Ricepaper will be a nice colour. It’s a soft peachy gold with shimmer, I think it’ll be easy to match it with any neutral looks. πŸ™‚ Deep truth is nice too.

  33. Since you have a lot of neutral colors, i would suggest “embark” for that pop of color on the outer v. It is subtle enough to be worn during the day, but can be built up for a darker, more dramatic evening look. Its brown with a hint of plum that is surprisingly very flattering to asian skintone.

    BTW I love canmake stuff- I wish it was more accessible in the States.

  34. Hi honey!! Congrats on all of the followers.

    I would suggest ricepaper (great highlight) and sketch (great crease color).

  35. Hi sweets! I would suggest Stars ‘n Rockets. I think you will rock it in the summer:)

    Congrats on 400+ followers!<3

  36. Since you and I are neutral peoples.. LOL I will still suggest neutrals! LOL! Two I use together when I don’t want to do a brown eye (everyday) but still be neutral is BAMBOO on the crease, and COPPERPLATE on the lash line fold lid part. LOL! Sorry! then I highlight with Vanilla which you have.

    Trust me those two are mixable with brights as well! πŸ™‚

  37. I would recommend Sushi Flower (light pink-mauve), Trax (dark plum – my first MAC eyeshadow and still one of my faves) and Electric Eel (bright blue) if you’re looking for a good blue colour.

    Personally… I don’t really like MAC eyeshadows. They’re good but they’re not GREAT, like they do have a good colour selection and the payoff is not bad, but I feel the texture can be improved a bit as many of the shades feel chalky and its not as fine. I dunno, just my opinion =)

  38. Deep Truth blue eyeshadow most definitely! It’s a gorgeoussss blue color and works amazing for smokey eye looks πŸ™‚

  39. please please try Wedge! It is a neutral but it is the most amazing neutral EVER! It works on so many different skin tones, but on yellow/olive skin it really helps bring out your eyes in a subtle/understated way. I went through so many different neutrals before finding my HG in wedge!

  40. Hi kay-chan!

    yay congrats on your 400th!! I didnt know canmake came up with new shade!! it looks really pretty πŸ˜€

    I love Soba alot it compliments asian skin tone and great for natural looks<3

  41. I would recommend beautiful iris as it is a nice summer shade. You can use it for highlight, base or just a shadow colour with black or dark purple eyeliner.

  42. i don’t always wear eyeshadows but peach or very light pink colours are my fave normally. maybe you will like to have Naked Lunch? ^_^

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