Thank You – Birthday Presents from Dina!

Some more birthday gifts!
These are from Dina!
Thank you so much!
NYX round lipstick in Thalia

A pretty mauve nailpolish from the Face Shop!
I love these notes she put on everything!

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter
I really like the scent of shea butter too!

The Face Shop face masks!

Tea!  Candy!
Thank you SO much for your generosity, Dina!
Tired of these birthday present posts yet?  Hahaha, I’m OVERWHELMED by the love and kindness I’ve gotten from blogger girls!
xoxo, K
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9 thoughts on “Thank You – Birthday Presents from Dina!”

  1. hehehehe no! never tired of birthday goodies posts! πŸ˜€ I have a bunch to post myself too and I feel so loved (yes that includes YOU too!). Dina is such a sweetie! That’s a really nice nail polish color, and I hope you will like Thalia! Hope you are having fun in NYC <3

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Dina rocks, so sweet of her to send you a gift. Love the NYX Thalia lipstick, it’s probably one of NYX best colors. =)

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