Random things!

Sakura season has come and gone, but here are some pictures that I took!

All of these were taken at a very random park!

I bought these beautiful goldstone earrings from MotoJewelry!
Head on over there if you haven’t yet!

And of course, what random blog post is complete without some pics of food?
I went out to this VERY expensive, very tiny sushi place in Kobe!
Kobe sushi is even better than anything in Tsukiji!
Fresh Anago!
This is my 3rd time going there, and they have some stuff that isn’t available anywhere else!
Much more affordable was this yummy oyster bento that I had recently!
Look at all the tasty goodies!
Wow, that was a random post!
Hope your week is going well!
xoxo, K
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20 thoughts on “Random things!”

  1. Ah the cherry blossoms are so pretty!! I really miss seeing cherry blossoms in the spring. When my family lived on the East Coast we’d visit DC every year to see them in bloom.

    The earrings are really pretty! Sarah makes some of the nicest stuff!

    And omg more sushi! I feel like everyone’s blogging about sushi tonight! LOL! I am so craving some now hahaha.

  2. i know what you mean by expensive sushi.. we live near to one and it costs a bomb to go there.. but the fugu kareage are so delectable!!

  3. aww love your random things πŸ™‚ CHERRY BLOSSOM!! is so pretty πŸ˜€ and gosh, i am drolling over your sushi for sure, I haven’t had sushi for so long :T

  4. I wish I could be in Japan one day for Sakura season :]

    BTW the food looks sooo yummy! Lucky that you get to experience all that sushi goodness.

  5. I just discovered your blog and it’s wonderful!

    Thank you for sharing the sakura pictures. I LOVE sakura! My son is in Aizu, Fukushima-ken and they are still waiting for the sakura to bloom. Not even the ume has bloomed there yet.

    Your food looks so yummy too!


  6. Ohh I want that bento!!! And mmm… sushi!

    Lucky you got some goldstone from Sarah! That stone is just so gorgeous! And the sakura is always prettier in Japan! πŸ˜‰

  7. what pretty cherry blossom photos πŸ™‚ that food looks delicious! it’s been a while since i’ve had really good sushi since i moved =T

  8. YUMMMMMMM food!

    aww, thanks for the advertisement xD hahaa.

    those pictures are GORGEOUS! definitely ones that inspired me to make my latest sakura bracelet πŸ˜€ ugh, i HAVE to go to japan during sakura season..

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