NYC Blogger Meet Up!!!!

Note: This is probably the first and last time a blog post will start with a picture of me doing a back flip off of a trapeze bar!

I had a fantastic time meeting up with bloggers in NYC!! Since I’m SOOO late in making this post, you’ve probably already read the other posts by the girls:

Read Tammy’s post here
Read Diana’s post here
Read Jenn’s post here

Thanks so much to Tammy, Diana, Jenn, and Jenn for coming to see me!

Part 1: Trapeze Class

I’m not sure where I learned that there is a trapeze class in NYC. I wanted to go the last time I was in NYC, over 2 years ago, but wasn’t able to.  I was SO surprised when I found out that Tammy wanted to go too!

Tammy has a HILARIOUS post up about it, so I’m only going to add on to what she said!

– We were the only beginners in the class, which was good, because the teachers helped us a lot.  Since the other girls knew what they were doing, they were very quick on the bar = more time for everyone

– I FULLY agree with her that while all of the teachers were nice, some of them were much better at teaching than others

– Guys with patches of hair on their chests should not have their shirts off.  That is not to say I don’t like hairy men.  Just patches of thick hair is… um… yeah.

– It was a lot of fun, but MAN was I sore!  My abs were sore for a few days afterward, and my hands were VERY sore!

– Like Tammy, I would do it again!!!!

Some more pics of Tammy and me!

 Part 2: Dim Sum

We met up with Diana, Diana’s BF, and Jenn to eat Dim Sum!!!!
When the dishes came, we all started taking pictures… except for Diana’s BF!  Clearly, he isn’t the “normal” one!!!!!!!

Shrimp cheong fun

Har Gow

Siu Mai

Crispy Dumplings!
The weird thing about this place is the service. 
Just like Jenn said in her post, the waiter did not seem to want to let us order… He would come and ask us if we wanted more food, we would say yes, and then he would disappear!  Strange!
Part 3: Sephora and Dinner
From here on out, Diana’s BF (MG) was the one “in charge”!  He was the one helping us go in the correct direction, getting us taxis, even finding the nearest Sephora!
No pictures of Sephora since I didn’t buy anything… In hindsight, we probably should have gone to a drugstore.  I realized after coming home that I did not buy nearly enough!!!
Dinner was fantastic as well:
Smoke Salmon cucumber thingy!
I had grilled fish!  The mango chutney was great!
Mona stopped by just to say hello!  I have a separate post of hanging out with her coming up!
We ALMOST forgot to take a group picture!

Thanks to everyone for coming out!
Next up: the food post!
xoxo, K

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18 thoughts on “NYC Blogger Meet Up!!!!”

  1. Looks like you had a super time in NY!! The food looks yummo, the waiter sounds odd and you are a brave soul spinning around in the air like that!!


  2. ooo omg trapeze looks like so much fun!! so glad you had so much fun meeting up with the east coast girls during your trip…hmm food!!

  3. that trapeze class looked like a lot of fun, despite the hairy patch man and the woman with the well-endowed rear! ahhhh now I know the names of the foods so I can order them again if there’s no picture menu!

    it was so much fun to meet you and hang out – if I find myself in Japan we’ll have to meet up again! PS – that sakura kit kat was really yummy πŸ™‚ and MG says you seemed like a really sweet person & had fun discussing Daylight Savings Time with you!

  4. I’m glad you had an amazing time, & getting to meet all the wonderful ladies too! Trapeze class? You and Tammy are hard core! LOL! I love how you always try out new things!

    mmm… FOODPORN!

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