New Visee Palettes!

Visee has released a few limited edition items!

They are a collaboration with Mercury Duo, a clothing brand!
(click here to see clothes from Mercury Duo)

These are released in stores on March 23, but I saw them last weekend!

The items are two eyeshadow quads and a mascara!

1680 JPY (about $18.50)

The eyeshadows are a limited edition of the Brilliance Forming Eyes line!
I really like this line!
One of the quads is a bronze – blue combination which reminded me of a certain Guerlain palette.Β  The other quad is a pretty smokey gray palette.
The polka dot packaging is so cute!

1575 JPY (about $17.50)

This is a waterproof mascara, with the same pretty packaging!
What do you think about this collection?

On a similar note, Sleek has a new iDivine palette – the Bohemian palette!
I wish I were in the UK where I could take a look at this palette in person!!

xoxo, K

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21 thoughts on “New Visee Palettes!”

  1. oh the visee palettes are gorgeous. =)

    I haven’t seen the sleek palette in person either, because my local superdrug does not sell them. >=(.

  2. Even tho I wouldn’t be able to use all 4 colors of the blue palette, I still prefer it over the gray =D
    The new idivine palette has some awesome colors! Saw the swatches and…awawawaw Lucky British girls! =D

  3. I own Idivine palette but the regular one! it’s just too hot down here to play with makeup!!!
    Love the new Visee paalette, they are really cute!

  4. OMG I didn’t even pick up the likeness to that Guerlain!! I saw these on Rouge Deluxe (I think) and got really excited lol. I kind of want to see swatches first because that kind of seafoam green-y shade doesn’t usually turn up so well on me, but it’s just so cute LOL! And I’m hoping my Glam Hunt Eyes in G6 comes today or tomorrow…. I could start up a Visee collection LOL.

    Thanks for sharing! Are you picking up either of them?

  5. ohhh i kno mecury duo – a cute clothes brand.. a tad expensive!! the visee colours suits that style perfectly! im definitely interested..

  6. Pretty! Asian MU has the prettiest packaging! I need to start using the Sleek palette I got for xmas! LOL! That’s why I’m selling off all my individual shadows!

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