New Visee Palettes!

Visee has released a few limited edition items!

They are a collaboration with Mercury Duo, a clothing brand!
(click here to see clothes from Mercury Duo)

These are released in stores on March 23, but I saw them last weekend!

The items are two eyeshadow quads and a mascara!

1680 JPY (about $18.50)

The eyeshadows are a limited edition of the Brilliance Forming Eyes line!
I really like this line!
One of the quads is a bronze – blue combination which reminded me of a certain Guerlain palette.Β  The other quad is a pretty smokey gray palette.
The polka dot packaging is so cute!

1575 JPY (about $17.50)

This is a waterproof mascara, with the same pretty packaging!
What do you think about this collection?

On a similar note, Sleek has a new iDivine palette – the Bohemian palette!
I wish I were in the UK where I could take a look at this palette in person!!

xoxo, K

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21 Thoughts on “New Visee Palettes!


  2. i think Visee mercury duo A-6 is sort of a dupe for Esprique Precious Dress on Shiny eyes C-3. pretty nice color <3

  3. I love the packaging too!

  4. oh the visee palettes are gorgeous. =)

    I haven’t seen the sleek palette in person either, because my local superdrug does not sell them. >=(.

  5. Even tho I wouldn’t be able to use all 4 colors of the blue palette, I still prefer it over the gray =D
    The new idivine palette has some awesome colors! Saw the swatches and…awawawaw Lucky British girls! =D

  6. I own Idivine palette but the regular one! it’s just too hot down here to play with makeup!!!
    Love the new Visee paalette, they are really cute!

  7. OMG, I want everything from the MD Visee colabo!

  8. What pretty packaging πŸ™‚

  9. The new Visee palettes are so cute! Thanks for the pictures! Have you tried any of the sleek palettes before?

  10. Love the blue palette! But may have to get both for the packaging. πŸ™‚

  11. OMG I didn’t even pick up the likeness to that Guerlain!! I saw these on Rouge Deluxe (I think) and got really excited lol. I kind of want to see swatches first because that kind of seafoam green-y shade doesn’t usually turn up so well on me, but it’s just so cute LOL! And I’m hoping my Glam Hunt Eyes in G6 comes today or tomorrow…. I could start up a Visee collection LOL.

    Thanks for sharing! Are you picking up either of them?

  12. cute packaging….I haven’t tried any Visee product..but been eyeing it for a long time..

  13. Those Visee palettes re pretty! :]

  14. ohhh i kno mecury duo – a cute clothes brand.. a tad expensive!! the visee colours suits that style perfectly! im definitely interested..

  15. OMGosh! The packaging is so cute. have you tried it?

  16. Pretty! Asian MU has the prettiest packaging! I need to start using the Sleek palette I got for xmas! LOL! That’s why I’m selling off all my individual shadows!

  17. Hi I’m from Singapore, where can i get these?

  18. i like the bronze-blue combo!! it’s very spring

  19. the designs on the shadow are cute. very spring like

  20. i love the design on the eyeshadow πŸ˜€ and the packaging is cute! ee!

  21. The mascara tube is wayy too cute!

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