Food Post – Starbucks Sakura Series

Starbucks Japan has come out with their Sakura series!  It’s a limited edition line to celebrate the start of the cherry blossom (sakura) season!

The picture above is of the Sakura Cream Frappucino but there is also a Sakura Steamer!  FYI – I got a frappucino in the short size, which is no longer on the menu but you can still ask for it!  I really can’t finish a frappucino even in the tall size!!

It was pretty yummy!  It tastes like a vanilla cream frappucino with sakura flavoring!

Here are the official pics!


xoxo, K

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29 Thoughts on “Food Post – Starbucks Sakura Series

  1. this collection looks great! the tumblers look really pretty :)and the cake? yummers! πŸ˜›

  2. yummmmm! i don’t like pink but i do love sakuras xD def want to go to japan when they’re blooming!

  3. everthing look so yummy,coz i love pink color,too bad we don’t have the pink tumblers and items here πŸ™‚

  4. omg this sounds so yummy, and everything look so adorable! i wish starbucks does it here too πŸ™ at least in japantown during their cherry blossom festivals in April! haha i should suggest that! :p

  5. yum…. I wish to try!

  6. wow i’d love to collect their merchandise with sakura design !!!!

  7. ohh….One of my faves are cherry blossoms…& those goodies looks so yummy…

  8. Why do we not get this in Canada?! *shakes fist and wails*
    I really want to try that cake @.@

  9. I loveee Sturbucks. How I want to drink some coffee mmmm!

  10. Sound so yummy!

  11. ohhh! i wish we had the sakura tumbler here in the US!!

  12. I want this, so lovely *____*

  13. totally droooooooooolicous!!

    I love Sakura season!!

  14. it looks so tasty! i wish there was this kind of LE stuff in north america. i miss seeing all the pretty cherry blossoms

  15. ohmygosh, sakura frapp sounds amazing!!!!!!! what does it taste like?

  16. awwww!!
    sounds so yummy!!
    me want me want!lol

  17. Way too cute. I wish they had this in the US!

  18. OMG! i love sakura flowers…wish they had these here in the uk! They look gorgeous!

  19. the sakura frapp looks delicious!!! i really wish they offer them over here

  20. Oh my! I sooooo want to try this! It looks delish!

  21. lol im seriously resisting the drinks cos when i eat anything sakura tastes salty πŸ™ but they look so cute in pink haha.. maybe i ought to try a short sakura steamed milk. I had the chiffon cake last yr.. pretty nice!

  22. Wahhh so cawaii!! I’m totally jealous. =P Sounds like a fun way to celebrate the sakura season and everything looks super cute in pink! I’d like to try that frap, looks delish! And the cake looks yummy and I heart the tumblers too! <3

    P.S. You can’t finish a tall? I usually drink a grande or once in a while even a venti!

  23. Why can’t the Starbucks down here have that?! Sakura flavoring?! Sounds yummy! And that cake looks sooo gooood!!

  24. You girls in Japan get all the cute stuff! *pouts in corner*

    P.S Thanks for joining my giveaway =D

  25. so what does Sakura taste like? I’ve been wondering this for a long time.

  26. Sakura Cream Frappucino sounds yummy. I wish we have it in the U.S and love their Sakura series. Thanks for sharing!

  27. OMG i’ve always loved product from Japan, but even the drinks look better than the ones we get here. this looks delish! <3

  28. It looks so yummy! and the tumblers are so pretty too!
    Btw, Happy Birthday Kay πŸ™‚

  29. OMG! How cute and yummy looking! I wish all the starbucks would do that

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