Food Post – Starbucks Sakura Series

Starbucks Japan has come out with their Sakura series!  It’s a limited edition line to celebrate the start of the cherry blossom (sakura) season!

The picture above is of the Sakura Cream Frappucino but there is also a Sakura Steamer!  FYI – I got a frappucino in the short size, which is no longer on the menu but you can still ask for it!  I really can’t finish a frappucino even in the tall size!!

It was pretty yummy!  It tastes like a vanilla cream frappucino with sakura flavoring!

Here are the official pics!


xoxo, K

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29 thoughts on “Food Post – Starbucks Sakura Series”

  1. omg this sounds so yummy, and everything look so adorable! i wish starbucks does it here too πŸ™ at least in japantown during their cherry blossom festivals in April! haha i should suggest that! :p

  2. it looks so tasty! i wish there was this kind of LE stuff in north america. i miss seeing all the pretty cherry blossoms

  3. lol im seriously resisting the drinks cos when i eat anything sakura tastes salty πŸ™ but they look so cute in pink haha.. maybe i ought to try a short sakura steamed milk. I had the chiffon cake last yr.. pretty nice!

  4. Wahhh so cawaii!! I’m totally jealous. =P Sounds like a fun way to celebrate the sakura season and everything looks super cute in pink! I’d like to try that frap, looks delish! And the cake looks yummy and I heart the tumblers too! <3

    P.S. You can’t finish a tall? I usually drink a grande or once in a while even a venti!

  5. Sakura Cream Frappucino sounds yummy. I wish we have it in the U.S and love their Sakura series. Thanks for sharing!

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