Current rotation / Mac & Cheese!

Someone asked me about my current rotation!
As I mentioned before, I like to change up what I use every 2 weeks!


 MAC eyeshadows:
– Nylon (thanks, Jamilla!)
– Amber Lights
– Sumptuous Olive
– Carbon
MAC pigments (thanks Whit!)
– Your Ladyship
– Gold Stroke
– Deep Purple
Some swatches of the pigments!
From left – Deep Purple, Gold Stroke, Your Ladyship
Etude House Primer
TFSI (thanks Mona!)
Maybelline concealer
Hard Candy highlighting palette (thanks Iyah!)
Lioele BB Cream (thanks Eve!)

Toner in a spray bottle
Two eyebrow pencils from Bibo
eyelash primer
K-palette One Day Tattoo eyeliner
eyebrow coat
Cezanne blush

What is in your current rotation?

I also made some really yummy macaroni & cheese!
The recipe is adapted from the Pioneer Woman!
I love cooking blogs as much as I love beauty blogs and this is one of my favorites!
Yum yum!
xoxo, K
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17 Thoughts on “Current rotation / Mac & Cheese!

  1. yummmmmmmmm, that mac and cheese looks super good! i would eat something but it’s like.. 1:20am.. and i can’t wake up the house mates >_<

    you should post up your rotation every time you rotate! πŸ˜€

  2. Soooo yummy stuff you made!!
    Also nice makeup items you using right now! What do you think about Etude House primer? Looks very interesting!

  3. I’m feeling the spring in your makeup!

    That Mac and Cheese is YUMMO!

  4. oohhh i scrolled down right after i see ur mac n cheese coz its late at note and i dont wanna eat!ur mac n cheese makes me starving!loll
    nice idea to rotate,i think i need to rotate too!hehe

  5. i love the colours you’re using. and the mac and cheese dish looks tasty =)

  6. Great rotation system. I should try it too. How do you like the Lioele BB Cream? I’m tempted to get try it but, not sure if it’s suitable tp acne prone skin. The mac and cheese looks yummy:)

  7. When I saw the title and the MAC quad I thought there would be another brand called Cheese! How silly am I? XD Anyway, nice rotation! Where did you get that mascara primer?

  8. hmmm yummy mac and cheese!!! i like the idea of rotating your makeup πŸ™‚

  9. Rotating’s an awesome idea. That mac and cheese looks way delish btw. =)

  10. Lol I also thought your post title Mac & Cheese was referring to the MAC eyeshadows and cheese the colour Nylon πŸ˜€

    Cooking blogs are awesome, only thing is I never remember to bring the recipe with me when I shop! Your mac n cheese looks so yummy!

  11. Mac & cheese!!! *drool* I love that stuff, i think it goes all the way back to how it was the only thing I could cook properly back in Home Economics xD
    If you don’t mind me asking, how do u like the Hard Candy line? I still haven’t tried out anything but have been eyeing out of curiosity.

  12. Ooh, that’s such a good idea!

    Um… my current rotation de facto are my pressed piggies, Tarina Tarantino Parasol and R&R X-Rated blush, and my LM stickglosses.

  13. Whooo Amber Lights & Lioele!! Hehe!! Love those!!

    Mmmm Mac & Cheese!! K you need to cook for me! LOL!

  14. the mac and cheese looks really yummy! I’m craving for them now :D. it’s nice to do a rotation, i haven’t done so though πŸ˜€

  15. the mac and cheese looks goooood

    i dont have rotations, i try to use lipstick/gloss at burst of times lol

  16. mac and cheez definately look yummy.

    you should check out this blog

    i love the cakes and stuff on the site

  17. OMG, that Mac & Cheese looks amazing! Hey, did you hear that they’re turning the story of Pioneer Woman into a movie starring Reese Witherspoon?

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