Comparison: Lush Angels on Bare Skin – UK & US vs Japan

I recently finished up the Lush Angels on Bare Skin that I bought while I was in London!
There are so many great reviews out there, so I thought I’d do something a little different!

First, here are some pics!

The US/UK version – from the Lush website

You can see that it’s got black bits (bits of flowers), and it’s a pretty stiff paste.

The Japan version – from google search (sorry, not my pic!)

The Japan version doesn’t have any black bits and it looks like it was squeezed out of a tube.

Do you see it?  It’s obviously very different!

I talked a little bit with the SA at my local Lush, and she told me that they have a different formula for Japan!

Differences between UK/US version
– no flower bits (apparently too many people complained about the flower bits clogging up their drains!)
– much creamier! With the UK version, it was really crumbly and I really had to moisten it, but the Japan version is creamy and mixes much easier with water!
– less abrasive! Somewhat related to being creamier, the Japan version seemed to be finer milled.

Price comparison:
– UK: 5.50 GBP/100 g = $8.34/3.53 oz = $2.36/oz
– US: $9.95/3.5 oz = $2.84/oz
– Japan: 780 yen/80g = $8.63/2.82 oz = $3.06/oz (but I suspect that there is more moisture = less product!)

I tried the Japan version in the store.  Even though it’s a lot smoother/creamier, it still exfoliates well and makes my skin smooth!

I personally prefer the US/UK version!  I’ve perfected my technique on mixing it with water, and I use less of it than the Japan version!

Hope that helped!

xoxo, K

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12 thoughts on “Comparison: Lush Angels on Bare Skin – UK & US vs Japan”

  1. oh, I don’t know that Japan version don’t have the lavender flower bud. oh…
    but the UK version which I currently use, is bit hard to mix with water, but it turn to be pretty nice and good. not sure with the Japanese version.
    thank you for this info


  2. Ooh, how interesting! Thanks for sharing! I had no idea they had such different formulas. I actually recently got the AoBS at the Lush in SF and I really love it so far, flower bits and all. =)

  3. wow! interesting that the product changes from country to country but i suppose it makes sense. companies DO change advertising from place to place, but really, a product? especially such extreme changes!

    oh well. thanks kay! πŸ˜€

  4. hmm interesting!! I’ve heard how the packagins differ between diff countries but didn’t know the product consistency and formulas change as well! I’ve only used the US version, I love it!!

  5. please tell us how you have perfected the technique to mix it with water πŸ™‚ would love to hear that! i always ended up using much more than intended to…because the texture is so dry and crumbly

  6. Great comparison, I had no idea Lush changed the formula of products from country to country. I have to admit I like the look of the Japan version. Thanks for the info!

  7. I just bought my first tube of AOBS from Japan, recommended by a very lovely English speaking LUSH lady. She mentioned to me that if I go to the other website I would notice a difference in colour from the Japanese version. According to her it’s mainly due to the fact that they use Japanese clay. Really loving this formula… so sad I’m running out soon and there’s no LUSH store in Singpore πŸ™

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