Skin Care While Traveling!

I’ve gotten some requests to share what I bring with me when I’m traveling!

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that I used to travel a LOT for work!  I used to travel for months at a time, but this time I’ll share what I bring with me for a week’s travel!  This might help you if you are going on a short vacation!

Top row, from left: Toner (Clinique), Toner (HadaLabo), Retinol cream (Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti Wrinkle), Shampoo, Conditioner, Angels on Bare Skin
Lower row, from left: Moisturizer, Facial Wash, Body Wash, Makeup Remover

Razor, Scissors, facial net (you MUST make your facial wash bubbly with this!!!!), two types of cotton, dental floss, tape (to close up my bottles), nail clippers
Not shown: toothbrush, toothpaste, contact lens stuff

Not must haves, but I like bringing tea and bath bombs with me if I am traveling within Japan.
I usually also bring a sheet mask with me, but this time I brought some Crest White Strips.
I get asked a lot how do I know how much shampoo/moisturizer/makeup remover/etc to bring.  I know I don’t like lugging around extra!
I’m an engineer, so I’ve figured out exactly how much I use every day.  I multiply the usage by the number of days I’m traveling to get the total usage, and then I’ll put it in an empty bottle.
For example, if I use approx 4 ml of shampoo a day and I’ll be gone for a week, I need a bottle which holds about 28ml of product.  I’ll usually find a 30 ml bottle and fill it with my normal shampoo!
Lodging is expensive in Japan, but you can find lots of teeny hotel rooms like this one:
This is literally the size of the room, but there is a separate shower/toilet and a desk.
They are called “business hotels” and will be somewhere between $60-$100 a night.
I’ve stayed in many rooms like this one in many cities including my recent trip to London.  I like to walk around when I’m in a new city instead of staying at the hotel, so as long as I’ve got a bed, a shower, a toilet, and an internet connection, I’m happy!
Here are a few snacks I picked up:
and an Ekiben (a bento to eat on the train):
Happy traveling!
xoxo, K
PS:  I’m looking for a good home for my Sleek Storm Palette.
I’ve found a home, thanks!!!!
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14 thoughts on “Skin Care While Traveling!”

  1. Nice entry!
    Actually there are business hotels in Osaka from as low as 1000yen a night in a decent standart! For backpackers and travelers on budget it`s a great way to save money on a place to sleep.
    I stayed in a hotel like this in Shinseiki, Osaka and I paid 1500yen a night for a small japanese style room with futon, tv, aircon and free internet. The showers were on the 1st floor and there was also a big bath room in another building (1min by foot) for free. ^^v

  2. aww some nice tips! I used to take so much with me but recent learned to pack light lol. I always forget shampoo and i hate hotel’s shampoo! lol. the train bento boxes are so convenient!!

  3. how do you like the Belo facial wash? 🙂 That’s what I use to slowly fade my acne scars right now.. so far so good, but of course I know we have diff skin types so I’m not sure how the product is for other people..

  4. Ooh, good for you! I’m horrible when traveling. I do try to decant everything, but I have a horrible habit of bringing way more different products than I really need.

  5. We use a lot of the same things, like the floss and razor!

    The biz hotel room reminds me of my tiny Holiday Inn room in Frankfurt…Euro hotel rooms can be quite small too, but as long as the bed, shower and broadband are good, I’m not too picky!

    I’m moving to a new job that requires very little travel (except for occasional meetings at our Heathrow office), so that will be a big change!

  6. Wow that is a tiny room, it would probably make me home sick….then again, it’ll prob encourage me to be out and about!

    Ohhh you figure out the exact amount, you smart girl you! I usually just like bringing travel size things, hehe, lots of travel size things! =P

    What a very useful post! I hope to travel more and so I’ll refer back to this, and I also hope that my future travels will include meeting you, of course!!

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