Review: Dejavu Volume Film Lash Knockout Mascara

This is a quick review for the Dejavu Volume Film Lash Knockout Mascara!

This is the Volumizing version of the Dejavu Fiberwig mascara!

A lot of blogger girls love the Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara!
(See Clumps of Mascara’s review here)
It’s called the falsies in a bottle!
It really lengthens lashes and also it does NOT flake!
EVERY single mascara I have ever used has ALWAYS flaked… EXCEPT for this!
Dejavu says it uses a special film to coat lashes, eliminating black flakes!

But you know… I’m a girl who wants volume from her mascara!
I was SO excited to see this new product at the drugstore!
Price: 1575 JPY (about $17.50 USD, same price as Dejavu Fiberwig)
Sounds pricey for a drugstore mascara, but it’s actually a pretty normal price in Japan!
Flake factor: Again, this did NOT leave any black circles/flakes/anything under my eyes!!
I really liked this mascara… except for the fact that it was a wet mascara!  It was just more liquidy than the other mascaras I’ve used in the past!  I guess i have to work with it more!
Removal factor: I found that it was easier to use warm water than oil based cleansers to remove this, which was a big surprise to me!  Fiberwig is also very easy to remove with water.  You can really tell it’s a film when you remove it with water since the filmy mascara slides off of your lashes!
I haven’t seen many reviews of this yet, but hopefully it helps!
xoxo, K
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17 thoughts on “Review: Dejavu Volume Film Lash Knockout Mascara”

  1. I find wet mascara hard to work with because i’m always blinking, and i’d get mascara on my lower lid w/out realizing as they were still drying. but I really want to try figerwig mascaras, I like the fact that you can remove them easily with water!

  2. sounds awesome 🙂 sucks that it’s wet.. makes it super hard to work with, i agree. if you ever find any method that helps, let us know! 😀

  3. Sounds good! I used to use the original Fiberwig when it first came out. But I stopped cuz it dried out to quick on me, and flaked too. Seems like they’ve upped their formula though. Maybe I should give them another try one day. Thanks for this review Kay!

  4. Nice review!! I’ve been wanting to buy fiberwig at my Asian mall but just haven’t gotten the chance to pick it up. Hopefully I can try this one as well. 😀

  5. have you tried the volumizing version?? I LOVE that version of fibrewig – 2-3 years ago it clumped like help and im coming to an end of the bottle.. so i purchased the Lash Knockout and unfortunately, its not as good – it smudges!! BUT it lengthens and volumize really well. if you want a review id be happy to do one, let me know!

  6. ahh sorry! i must have been half asleep -_-;; I must have sounded likea retard there… I like that mascara too.. but it smudges on me by the end of the day.. well a lot of eye liners smudges / mascara smudges on me because my eyes tends to get oily when i work! haha. Except for the original fibrwig version, which is my HG ^^ It removes much better with water than the new volumizing version for some reason.

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