Visee new eyeshadows! Glam Nude Eyes

Visee is a popular Japanese brand, especially for eyeshadows.
They have a new line of palettes coming out in January!

They are all neutral beige palettes – so easy to work with!!!

Visee Glam Nude Eyes – 1890 JPY (about $20)

N-1: Coppery beige
N-2: Pink beige
N-3: Gold beige
N-4: Khaki beige
N-5: Smokey beige

(in stores Jan 16, 2009)

Interested?  Excited?  I know I am!!

xoxo, K
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16 thoughts on “Visee new eyeshadows! Glam Nude Eyes”

  1. It wasn’t late at all! It came on my birthday!! OMG I’m so in love with my Tiger HK ^_^ You made me feel so special.. I can’t thank you enough on how sweet you areeee!! *HUGS*

  2. very pretty for natural looks! I would like to try Visee eyeshadow too if i can get it here in my place.. 🙁

    btw, can i link to ur blog? =)

  3. Haha! I thought you bought all of the palettes..
    I’m so excited for these.. Gonna go to Japan in February and buy these, I’m in love with neutrals. 🙂

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