Quick tip! Getting everything out!

Here’s a quick tip to get the most out of any product that comes in a tube!


Times are tough and a lot of us want to save money!  I know that I want to make sure I get my money’s worth out of each product I buy!!
This is a tube of cream I got in a swap from KT, but the concept is the same!

How do you get it all out?  Easy – cut it open!


Think you got every single bit squeezed out?
Look how much product there is still left in the tube!


I like to cut it straight across, and scrape out the insides with a small spoon!
It’s so easy to cut it open!  But make sure you use something sanitary!
It’s better to cut up the tube into multiple pieces.
There’s usually the most left over in the part where the product squeezes out.
Take a look at this one!
That’s A LOT of product!!!
Here’s the massacred bottle after I was done with it!
And here’s what I got for my effort!
WOW!!!  That’s A LOT!!!!
I got nearly two weeks worth of product!
I slather my entire body with this everyday, so you can see how much cream I got!!!
Hope that helped!!
xoxo, K
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21 thoughts on “Quick tip! Getting everything out!”

  1. haha I do this to the Kiehl’s deodorant that my bf and I use – it’s amazing how much is still left in the tube that doesn’t come out! I do this with big bottles of lotion too – gotta get your money’s worth out of the product!

  2. Thanks for the great tip. I just tried it and was suprised to see so much product left. The only downside I can think of is that it’s going to take a little longer to finish some products. Hahaha not so good for project 10 pans. 🙂

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