Quick Review: Gosh Twin Eyeshadow

This is a quick review of the Gosh Twin Eyeshadow!

I bought this when I was in London!

I don’t remember how much this was!
This is a double-ended eyeshadow stick.
The applicator looks like this:
Here are some swatches!
This is one swipe!
The color is really beautiful and pigmented!!
I can’t make up my mind whether I like this or not!!!!  The colors are fantastic, but this is really difficult to use! I’m not used to using a doe-foot-applicator-type-thingy to apply my eyeshadow!!!!
But the colors are too pretty to throw this out!  I wish I had someone to give this to, because while it’s great, I’m not sure if it works for me!!!!  I guess loose eyeshadows and I don’t get along!
xoxo, K
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12 thoughts on “Quick Review: Gosh Twin Eyeshadow”

  1. yeaaa, loose shadows are hard to work with.. i got a pigment set and i’m still learning how to use it. people say to foil and use a great eyeshadow base??

    what pretty colors though đŸ˜€ seems like it’s very convenient!

  2. Ohhh that’s pretty!! My local drugstore is having a sale on GOSH cosmetics & I was gonna get some but too bad this one is difficult to use. I have one from Avon that’s similar too and it gets annoying to use!!

  3. the shade is gorgeous!!! I’ve been seeing a lot of reviews online on Gosh ..I wish they have online selling that has affordable shipping rates

  4. hi dear,
    the colors r pretty and very pigmented i must say!
    but ya, i have to agree on those applicators. I’ve tried once and it’s really messy.. Maybe I could suggest you using a brush to get the colors and apply on ur lids then.. =)

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