LOVE from Iyah! + Ask Me Anything!

Iyah sent me a thank you gift! 
She kept repeating to me that “it’s just a small package…”
WHATEVER girl, it was STUFFED!

The entire package…

It came with this sweet note!
I love her handwriting!  It is so cute!!
Taking a closer look at the upper left hand corner…

Iyah asked me if this is Japanese.  Yes, it is!
It says, “Dreams are what make a very important part of you!”
What a nice phrase!!
This Japanese handwriting actually goes really well with Iyah’s handwriting!
We all know how much I love my Bath & Body Works Signature Collection!!

I definitely need stress relief!
Wow, this facial wash looks very interesting!
Whoops, blurry pic!
This is a Pond’s beauty powder!
Hand sanitizer!  Always useful around this time of year!
Yummy lipgloss!
She also SEPARATELY scent me this card!
Thank YOU for being such a sweet person, Iyah!!!
Iyah posted recently about an interesting site:
It’s a site where readers can ask questions to you!  I’m going to copy what Iyah did and put a widget on the sidebar!  Please feel free to ask any questions, and I’ll try to answer them!  You can even ask anonymously!
xoxo, K
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  1. Lovely package! Hand sanitizer is a must with all the sickness waving in. 2: I agree with the japanese phrase! Aw I can only read the hiragana ):

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