SWAP with Eki!

Eki and I did a swap a little while ago!
Sorry that I didn’t post this sooner, Eki-chan!

The box was FILLED with love!

The new scent from Bath and Body Works – Twilight Woods!!
I LOVE this!  It smells a lot like Sensual Amber, which is my FAVORITE scent in the Bath & Body Works Signature Collection!
PS I Love You
This is the other scent that I was excited to try out!
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish – Quick Sand
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear – Celeb City
Cover Girl Boundless Color – Pink Twinkle
I don’t know why I’m suddenly interested in nail polish!  Hopefully I can do a NOTD soon!

Sally Hansen Satin Effects Lip Gloss – Romantic (left) and Sensual (right)
Wow, what nice names! 
I like how the beige color is “romantic” and the red color is “sensual”!

My Beauty Diary Sheet Mask – Apple Polyphenol
This one has a slight peeling effect, and I like it a lot!
Where can I get My Beauty Diary masks online????

Maybelline Dream Mousse Shadow – Suede Sensation
I didn’t know they had eyeshadows!  I really like the blush, so let’s see how much I like the eyeshadow!
And lastly…
Is this what I think it is???

Yay, earrings from Ekilove!
The heart locks are so cute!!
A quick pic of me wearing them!
Sorry for the lack of FOTDs!
I’ve been having REALLY bad lighting these days!
I hope this doesn’t last until spring!!!
Thank you SO much Eki-chan!!!!
Please let me know when you need more Japanese snacks/drinks!!!
xoxo, K
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15 Thoughts on “SWAP with Eki!

  1. Sasa.com has those masks =D

  2. real nice stuff you got there heheheheh

  3. great swap♥

  4. What fun! That Eki always has such nice goodies!

  5. nice swap Kay, your BBW collection is growing now 😀

  6. nice earing

  7. such a wonderful swap! You have the MBD mask!!! 🙂 love the earrings too

  8. Aww what a sweet swap! You and your B&BW, hehehe. That’s awesome she got you the new scents and you like them. And the heart lock earrings are too cute!

  9. Ohhhh nice swap!!!! I love how your a B&W addict!!!

  10. aww Eki is so sweet! Love all the goodies you got, and yay more BBW stuff to add to your collection <3

  11. yay for more bbw !
    the lipglosses looks pretty !

  12. Eki’s earrings are freaking great on you! 🙂 And what a box of love!! Lots of your favorite things! She’s so sweet! And so are you Kay!! 🙂

  13. so much love!! the nail polish on the left looks FAB 🙂 and i adore her earrings ^__^ you look so cute!

  14. Aww, such a cute swap!

  15. luv the earrings 🙂

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