Quick post: Kit-Kats!

Since a lot of people commented about the Strawberry Kit-Kats that I shared in my last post, here’s a short post about some more limited edition Kit-Kats I picked up recently!

If you go to Nestle Japan’s website, they will typically have 2-3 limited edition Kit-Kats out at any time.  It’s hard to find them in the stores sometimes!  They are usually seasonal flavors!

First up – Lemon Vinegar Kit-Kats!
Sounds really weird, right?
Actually they taste like Key Lime Pie!

These have been discontinued for a while!
Secondly – Royal Milk Tea Kit-Kats!
I think these aren’t going to be available much longer since they were on clearance at the supermarket!

Lastly, I found these really recently – Strawberry Kit-Kats!

They should really make these a permanent flavor!
These are going into some girl’s love packs soon!!

xoxo, K

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13 thoughts on “Quick post: Kit-Kats!”

  1. Hello from Thailand~
    I love kit kats! But too bad we only have original flavor here =(
    I wish I could get milk tea kit kats too >__<

  2. wat a delicious post you did… so far i came across, vegetable, soda, cheery blossom flavours ones.. i would love to try the royal milk tea one.

  3. Omg i so need the milk tea kit kats!!! i hope they don’t finish selling it though!! my friend is heading over to japan in a couple of days and i’m geting him to get some!!! 🙂

    oh wow, lemon vinegar kit kat just sounds so wrong!!! but i saw a fruit and vege one before though! :S

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