December Ageha issue – part 2

Continuing from my previous post, here’s some more “top 3” skin care stuff featured in the December issue of Ageha!

Before that… another screen shot!

This is what the page looks like!

Makeup removers: 1 – Biore Make Otoshi Perfect Oil, 2 – Biore Make Torokeru Liquid, 3 – DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
Cleansing oils are VERY popular in Japan and are probably the mainstream when it comes to makeup removers!  I like all three of these.  1 & 2 are frequently on sale, so I buy them more often.

Cleanser: 1 – Sengan Senka Perfect Whip, 2 – Dove Beauty Moisture, 3 – Biore Facial Wash
I LOVE Pefect Whip!  Along with my facial foaming net, it makes a really creamy rich lather!
A side note – I think most Japanese girls use cleansers after using makeup removers!

Toner: 1 – Rohto Hada Labo Gokujyun Hydraulic Acid Toner, 2 – Nameraka Honpo Soy Milk Toner, 3 – Rohto Hada Labo Hakujyun Whitening Toner
Toners (meant to moisturize your skin, not prep it) are very normal in Japanese skin care.  I have personally used all three of these.  A lot of people know I LOVE the Gokujyun one!  I also use the Hakujyun one a lot!!  All three of these are usually discounted at the drugstore.

Sheet Masks: 1 – Bihada Ichizoku Bihada Sara Sheet Mask (the pink one), 2 – Bihada Ichizoku Kurobara Kamen Sheet Mask (the black one), 3 – Clear Turn White Mask Q10a
Bihada Ichizoku is popular here as well!  I like both of these a lot!!  The only problem is that they are sold individually!!

Another screen shot!

This issue was a great read!  It even has categories like favorite eye drops, favorite gum, favorite thing to get at Starbucks, favorite laundry detergent, favorite painkiller, etc!  I really want to try out some of the stuff mentioned in this issue!!

xoxo, K

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  1. THat is one jam packed screen shot! I love how you’re saying that most of the items are available to you via your drugstore! Yay for bargain great items!

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