Christmas presents!

A little late – but I thought I’d share a few gifts I got from a very, very good friend of mine!

a Starbucks city mug from Chile
I collect Starbucks city mugs (this is my 10th!), but I make it a rule to only buy them in cities I’ve visited on business trips!  I’ll make an exception for this one since I’ve never been to South America!
Wow, what is this????
Let’s look closer…
It’s a scuba diver!  Wow, this is really cool for a diver like me!!!
And finally…

A sapphire and diamond necklace!
WOW, this is really pretty!  It’s very me!
Thanks again to my dear friend!  You’re the greatest!!!
xoxo, K
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8 Thoughts on “Christmas presents!

  1. Very lovely presents! That’s awesome that you collect starbucks mugs! I’m currently collecting my old bus tickets. ( yes, I’m very lame D: )
    From faraway, it looks nothing like a scuba diver! I thought it was a grasshopper :3
    Gorgeous necklace also! Sapphires are always lovely . 🙂

  2. very very pretty! love sapphire color ^_^

  3. i like collecting random fridge magnets from places i visit 🙂 your sapphire necklace is lovely!

  4. The little scuba diver is so cute! What a great Christmas gift! 😀

  5. I’m a bit of a cup collector too…hehe. Although I only have one Starbucks city mug: Las Vegas. Wow that scuba diver is soo cool plus your new necklace is so pretty and blingy! 😀 Lovely gifts all around!

    P.S Just got back from the post office. It wasn’t it. 🙁

  6. Great prezzies! And Starbucks mugs huh?! LOL! And the necklace is gorgeous! You can wear it with your blue FOTDs! 😉

  7. great presents! i totally miss starbucks 🙁

  8. ooooo 🙂 the scuba diver thing is SOOO cool!!

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