Rotating my makeup

Have lots of makeup lying around that doesn’t get enough love?
Not sure what makeup to put on every morning?

Rotating your makeup is the way to go!!!

Today’s post will show you the really geeky side of me.  Just so you know…

I posted a while ago that I do not like to open up new stuff unless I have used up something.  I do not like to have lots of opened, half-used stuff lying around.

Two boxes of unopened makeup/skin care stuff…
I blame beauty blogging…

But still, I have a lot of opened stuff.  The reason why I want to open up something new is either because (1) I want to try whatever I’ve bought, or (2) I’m bored with what I have.

By rotating my makeup, I feel like I have something new to try!  I’m never bored!

This is all the makeup that I have opened.
Not too much, is it?

What I do is I pick a few items that I will use for the next two weeks, and ONLY use those items.  The rest I put away.  Then, after two weeks, I pick something new from my opened collection.  This way, everything gets the love, and I still feel like I’m trying something new every two weeks.  It also forces me to try to come up with new looks with what I have!

Case in point:

Here was my stash for the last half of October:

This is what I’m using for the beginning of November:

I’ve changed my lipstick, eyeshadows, eyeshadow bases, foundation, and blusher.

You can see that I have enough stuff to think up new looks during the two weeks when I will use this and only this!

This is also a good thing to do if you’ve got 29384795 MAC palettes and they aren’t getting enough love!  Chose 15 eyeshadows and ONLY use them for a while!  Better yet, fill up 1-2 quads and ONLY use them!!

xoxo, K

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21 thoughts on “Rotating my makeup”

  1. omg, you have so much unopened makeup!!! I hate accumulating stuff so one way is to stop buying single eye-shadows & only buy the finest (eg. Dior, Guerlain) and skip the Japanese brands… Don’t forget mascara needs to be thrown after 3 months!!

  2. hrmmm… most of my makeup are opened… except for the ones I bought for backup becoz they maybe limited editions or whatever… But yea hardly have as much as yours lying around hahahahaha As soon as I run out of stuff I will go out and purchase again so I never buy too much (but even then my sister says I still have way too much makeup for one face LOL).

  3. I am the same! well not really 2 weeks rotation but I have a box of unopened cosmetics, I want to wait to use a lot of the ones I have before I open a new one 🙂

  4. Wow – so much unopened stuff! I don’t think I could let new pretties sit there for so long lol. I only have a very small traincase of unopened items – most of which are glosses & backups of base makeup.

    This is such a great idea though – would remind me to use palettes I don’t touch too often hehe.

  5. hehe that’s a good idea 🙂 I used to open a lot of my makeup as soon as I got them bevcause I am curious to try them out, but I stopped doing that because I realized there’s no way that i’m going to finish anything anytime soon and things that got opened will just sit there and not being loved. Esp mascara! bad bad! so now I reserved a drawer just to store my unopened makeup, it’s nice to pull it open once in a while to look at things I want to try soon, and that motivates me more to finish my already opened products. It’s so hard to hit pan on any makeup though! 🙂

  6. Ooh unopened stuff is great hahaha 🙂 I have a lot of those too. I think this is a good idea! I don’t wear a lot of makeup everyday (due to laziness and prevention of acne) so I’m not sure if I can do the same thing but I love the idea.
    And your rule of using only one mascara at a time is so great and diligent! I need to start doing that after I finish my opened ones (some probably expired already. LOL)

  7. *ahem* Nerd ALERT! jk jk Wow missy, 2 boxes of unopened stuff?! You have great self control. I love this idea though, way to keep it fresh and challenging and your goods put to use!

  8. Urgh I know what you mean! I really need to start using the make-up I’ve gotten over the past year – they’re still in their pretty packaging…but neglected lol.

  9. i would love to dive into that box of urs and swatch everything *_* hehehe.. I mean, awesome stuff u have in that box! I agree, I switch up the stuff I use every now and than, especially when i get a new toy and get tired of my older makeup :O)

  10. Great idea!
    I tend to open up everything I have, but I definitely don’t touch all of it. I wanted to use stuff up so I was trying not to rotate it, but I get bored of stuff pretty quickly, so I think your system is more effective. This way you get to enjoy everything periodically!
    I will try to be good and keep the unopened stuff unopened.

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