I’m recently getting interested in nail polish again!

I never really did my nails, and I do too much with my nails to keep them from chipping, but I’m rediscovering how pretty nail polish is!

This is a really pretty dark silver/gray color with shimmer!
It even has some red sparkles in it!
I have to keep my nails really short because long nails just bother the heck out of me!
They go with my Motojewelry Signature Earrings in Eggplant!

It comes in this teeny bottle!
I got this in Hong Kong!
At Sasa, Bonjour, etc (which are EVERYWHERE), they have bins of teeny bottles of nail polish which are SUPER CHEAP!  It’s a great way to try out new colors!
You have to search through the bins to find colors you like, but it’s totally worth it!
I buy lots of these every time I go to HK, and give them out as gifts!
Plus, who ever uses up a bottle of nail polish?
Ack, this makes me want to go back to HK!!!
I also totally broke my no-buy and bought this from Denysia’s blog sale!
MAC eyeshadows in Woodwinked and Phloof!
Yes yes, I’ll go back on my no-buy… after the holidays, maybe????
xoxo, K
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16 Thoughts on “NOTD!

  1. Nice nails Kay! I so need to do mine again! Haven’t done them since before my trip! But it’s too hectic to do them now. Have to wait to everything is squared away & put back in the house! LOL!

    Oooh.. I don’t have these e/s, but from what I hear they’re stapes! πŸ™‚

  2. love the color too! i love long nails, but my nails are very fragile. so i can’t grow my nails πŸ™

    woot, new eyeshadows! please do an EOTD with them! πŸ˜€

  3. awww i love the nail color, though your nails are looks so pretty πŸ™‚

  4. love ur NOTD !i cant grow my nail !:(
    i also got some stuff from denysia’s blogsale !lol

  5. Yay for pretty nails! Love the color on you!

  6. Nice haul!
    Such lovely nail polish! Very cute!

  7. cute nails & ooh i want to get MAC shadows so badd πŸ˜€

  8. those nails match the earrings perfectly!

  9. great notd! and yeah I tried going on a no buy but blog sales are so hard to resist!

  10. I love your polish!! So awesome.
    And even though you broke your no-buy.. I think the shadows were totally worth it! The shades you got are some classic neutrals that I love too~

  11. Nice nail colour! The gray shade looks so mysterious =D

  12. nice nail polish! shhhh I haave been eyeing phloof too! OH NO!!! MY NO BUY!!! *covers eyes*

  13. Yes, yes, yes on those cheapie bottle of nail polish in HK! Love that color on you, hun. *^_^*

  14. nice nails πŸ™‚ I remember getting a bunch of little polishes at the airport when I was waiting for a connecting flight in osaka – they were perfect for travel, and lasted surprisingly long!

    i hear woodwinked is a great must-have shadow, and phloof! is popular too – and what cute names for them both!

  15. chel out my blog I have some skin care stuff as well!:)

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