Izumi had a great special for Breast Cancer awareness month!
She donated $10 from any purchase to either Breast Cancer org or the Philippine Red Cross!
In her words, “Sometimes it’s more important to support a cause than to make money!”

That really made me want to buy something from her!  I bought a pair of her signature earrings in eggplant!

Awwww, what a sweet note!
Here are the beautiful earrings!

And here’s a pic of me wearing them!
I had REALLY bad lighting today, so my lipgloss is washing me out…
This pic made me realize I need to apply something brighter before I head out!

Head over to Motojewelry to take a look at the other beautiful pieces she makes!

Thanks again, Izumi-chan!

xoxo, K

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16 thoughts on “motojewelry!”

  1. aww so sweet! i know i dont comment enough but i do read ur blog! loving those earrings on u
    i like tat color on you, eggplant, gunmetal sorta look, very nice!

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