Korean food / Love pack!

I’ve been obsessed with Korean food lately, so here’s a pic of some bulgogi I made last weekend.

Not exactly the real deal, but I like to add A LOT of veggies to the meat!

Another meat dish!

I also made some Japchae this weekend!  I love glass noodles!

I also got a love pack from Wuzzy!!!
The sneaky girl sent me some Bath & Body Works stuff!

It smells really refreshing!  There was some more love in the packet but I forgot to take a picture!  Thank you so much Wuzzy!!!

xoxo, K

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9 thoughts on “Korean food / Love pack!”

  1. Yum!!! I have just eaten dinner but I sort of feel hungry again after reading this entry lol

    Those lucky girls will love em to bits! Imo, one of the reasons why I love LE Kit Kats so much is because I don’t have access to it haha ;D The flavours that you have right now sounds absolutely droolicious except for the espresso one. Sorry, not a coffee person =)

  2. You’re more then welcome! ANd I told you don’t think of it as sneaky… it’s uh.. payment. Yeah.

    Mmmm that looks delish! You need to cook for me! LOL!

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