Korean food / Love pack!

I’ve been obsessed with Korean food lately, so here’s a pic of some bulgogi I made last weekend.

Not exactly the real deal, but I like to add A LOT of veggies to the meat!

Another meat dish!

I also made some Japchae this weekend!  I love glass noodles!

I also got a love pack from Wuzzy!!!
The sneaky girl sent me some Bath & Body Works stuff!

It smells really refreshing!  There was some more love in the packet but I forgot to take a picture!  Thank you so much Wuzzy!!!

xoxo, K

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9 Thoughts on “Korean food / Love pack!

  1. Yum!!! I have just eaten dinner but I sort of feel hungry again after reading this entry lol

    Those lucky girls will love em to bits! Imo, one of the reasons why I love LE Kit Kats so much is because I don’t have access to it haha ;D The flavours that you have right now sounds absolutely droolicious except for the espresso one. Sorry, not a coffee person =)

  2. yummy! Never seen these down here at Korean Restaurants, i should request for this 🙂

  3. Korean foods! i’ve never had these for ages.

  4. mmmmm the food looks yummy!!!! how sweet of wuzzy to send you a love package 🙂

  5. You’re more then welcome! ANd I told you don’t think of it as sneaky… it’s uh.. payment. Yeah.

    Mmmm that looks delish! You need to cook for me! LOL!

  6. Wow, you cooked all that yummy goodness? Niiice! I’d love to learn but I’m way better at eating unfortunately…lol. Sweet love pack you got!

  7. Yummy, I love Asian food, especially when it’s spicy!

  8. okay here i am starving and i came across ur blog !lol
    seriously u cook all that yummy meal?wow !hehe

  9. Thank you for the food porn! just the thing on a freezing November day!

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