Depotting my MAC eyeshadows!

I’ve depotted my eyeshadows in an effort to use them more frequently!
I used the flatiron method.   I didn’t think up this method, but I did watch a lot of youtube videos before trying it out!
I originally tried out EnKore’s no-heat method but it did not work out for me!
There are a million youtube videos on how to do this, but here’s how I did it!
What you need:
your eyeshadows (duh!)
a thin knife
a flatiron
some wax paper
a magnet sheet (the one which is like a sticker!)
1. Stick a thin knife into the lip of your eyeshadow and gently twist it until the top part pops off!

Be careful… You don’t want your eyeshadow flying off somewhere!
Here’s how it will look!
2. Heat up your flatiron.  Put the eyeshadow on a piece of wax paper and slide it onto the flatiron.
This will melt the glue!
3. If you leave it on too long, the back of your eyeshadow will look like this:

You can poke out the eyeshadow pan using the tip of your knife.  Of course, you can do this when the plastic is soft and not melted off like I did!

Be VERY CAREFUL and do NOT touch the hot metal part!  It is VERY hot!
Also, do NOT touch the glue since it will get on your hands and BURN!!!
The underside of the pan… very gluey!
At this point, you can use rubbing alcohol to get rid of the glue, but I didn’t.
Just make sure not to touch the pan until it is cool!
4. Optional – how to get the sticker off of the back of the pot
Put the pot on a piece of wax paper and put it on the flatiron.
Don’t keep it on too long!
The sticker will peel right off!
Stick it onto a magnetic sheet (and cut it if you aren’t using round ones)!
Here’s the magnet!
Now stick the magnet on the back of the eyeshadow pan!
YAY, you’re done!!
My thoughts:
While it was a fun project, I would MUCH rather buy the pro pans!
They are cheaper (even including Back 2 Mac!) and much less of a hassle!
(My All That Glitters is in a pro pan)
The empties will go with me to my next trip to the US to B2M!
Why won’t I do it in Japan?
Because the Japan policy is 10 empties for a lippie – a much worse deal than in the US!
Now, which eyeshadow to get next…
xoxo, K
PS: did you notice that my pictures are NOT of the same eyeshadow?  hahaha
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16 thoughts on “Depotting my MAC eyeshadows!”

  1. Nice job Kay! I used the Enkore method.. it just takes a little longer! LOL! But double check with the US MAC you’re going to first! SOme stores won’t B2M if the metal pan is missing now.

  2. oo thanks for the pics 😛 i think i either left mine on for too long or SOMETHING.. maybe my straightener got too hot. either way, the plastic melt smell.. was not good :<

    i ended up just muscling through it.. and pouring rubbing alcohol into the cracks until it loosened up. and didn’t end up cracking any eyeshadows! and no toxic smells! ;D

  3. Wow, great job!! I think I am planning on pressing all my loose mineral shadows over break… and then hopefully I’ll have a palette like yours soon!

  4. Yay this is a great pic tutorial! I only have 5 MAC eyeshadows (idk why.. never liked collecting singles) but I already feel like I’m getting cluttered already with all of those singles. I love palettes! If I buy more I will try this out.

  5. here in the phils it’s 6 empty stuff for a lippie. but yeah, i think the US has the best deal since they said that you even get a free e/s.

  6. I God as my witness… I WILL NEVER DEPOT AGAIN!!!! >_<
    I love having them all depotted. You do use them more b/c they are more organized and easier to see.
    Pro Pans all the way!!!! I do like your method! I used the EnKore No Heat Method. I also mass depotted like 60 e/s…. Haven’t backed to MAC yet. Waiting for a rainy day.
    Miss You Much! *mawh mawh* <– those were supposed to be DOUBLE KISSES!!!

  7. I love depotting my shadows too! I use a cold method. No iron. It works just fine, but you need rubbing alcohol which isn’t as easy to get in some places. Either way. you new palette is lovely! Great Post!

  8. i buy the pro pans when i can, after depotting a bunch at once with the no heat method – i just used the knife blade to drip alcohol between the pan & container to loosen the glue 🙂 definitely check when you go to B2M – I’ve also heard some of them won’t take the container if the pan’s missing

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