Review: Lush Dark Angels!

This is a review on Lush Dark Angels!

From the Lush Japan website – this product is called “Black Diamond” in Japan.
(I took the pic from Lush Japan because all the other sites made it look like poop)

What it does:
Deep dark cleansing facial scrub for young, dark and oily skin. A lovely black squidgy scrub made with charcoal to absorb oils and give you pretty efficient exfoliation. Add nutritious avocado oil to soften your skin, glycerine to keep the moisture in, black sugar soft scrub, anti-microbial, deeply cleaning Rhasshoul mud, soothing sandalwood and rosewood essential oils and what you get is a feeling of smooth, clean freshness that is pretty hard to beat. It’s our new favourite (even if we aren’t very young). Just be a bit careful that you wash it off properly (and to clean the washbasin after you)
 (from Lush UK)

Note to self – if the official website hints that the product is messy, it is probably going to be REALLY messy!!!

UK – 5.25 GBP (about $8.60)/ 100g
US – $10.95 / 3.5 oz (99.23 g)
Japan – 1080 JPY (about $11.80)/ 100g
Wow, for once the Japanese price is cheaper than the US price!!! It’s a miracle!!!

– smells like sandalwood…which I like
– the charcoal absorbed the oily parts

– the sugar scrub is too harsh for me
– is like a hard paste. Be sure to add enough water to make it smooth enough to wash with.
– MESSY.  It left black blotches in my sink!  I can wash them off, but still!
– leaves some moisture behind… which to me, feels like an oily film.

I am SO glad that I got this as a sample!  I used the sample size up in 3-4 uses, which was MORE than enough for me to realize that I didn’t like this!

Maybe I would have liked this better if I had tried in the middle of summer.  Since it is getting a little cooler and drier here in Japan, my skin needs to be pampered a lot more!!  This is definitely not a product for more mature skin!

I heard separately that Black Angels is great if mixed with Angels on Bare Skin!  Maybe I should have tried that!!

xoxo, K

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16 Thoughts on “Review: Lush Dark Angels!

  1. Thanks for the review! Have you tried the MAC volcanic ash exfoliator? I really like it, and it’s not messy (I use it in the shower!).

  2. Sounds very messy!

  3. I don’t mind it for days when I feel extra greasy but it is a bit harsh. I still have half a tub, I’ll have to try mixing it with ABOS (which I also thought looked like poop when I first saw pics online, haha).

  4. Thanks for the review… I just actually bought it today =S Hopefully i like it.

  5. oh, but it looks great. yah, same as Jamilla, have u tried the Mac volcanic exfoliator? I read a lot of good reviews about it

  6. it’s very black@ i would’nt mind trying for the heck of it.. as long as it doesn’t stink!

  7. It is quite a hassle to use something messy and it is good that you tried it prior to buying… I like those with finer beads

  8. ooh, new layout!

    this sounds like it’d be a better option for me than the AOBS since I couldn’t handle the lavender scent, but still rather messy. If you can get your hands on the Volcanic Ash exfoliator, you might like that more – also black so it’ll be kind of messy in the sink (I just use it in the shower), but the grains are finer so it’s not that harsh and makes your skin smooth

  9. nice review! i i haven’t really tried anything from lush besides their bubble bars

  10. oo black diamond sounds so much cooler! 🙂 I tried a sample of this too, I agree, it’s messy, I always use it in the shower, never over the sink, cuz I hate to clean up sink afterwards. lolll about how the website makes it look like POOP! :p

  11. Haha.. other pics made it look like poop! LOL! Thanks for the review!! It’s weird how some things made for oily skin make your skin feel OILY! LOL But good to know that this is a little too much! LOL!

    I can read your blog fine now. i don’t know why it was telling me I couldn’t the other day! 🙁 Hrmmmph… oh well! 🙂

  12. thanks for the review. I haven’t try this before, but it is good to know that it is not that good. thanks

  13. Japan has a way of making everything look better!

  14. That was so nice review! Thanx for truely sounds!

    By the way, thanQ for your sweet comment to me 🙂

  15. Thanks for the review. I initially thought it was eye shadow pigment – ops! Haha

  16. aahh wish it wasn’t so messy~!

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