Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Most of you know that I never join in the giveaways where you are supposed to post a link to the giveaway. I don’t really have anything against those giveaways, but they just aren’t my thing.

Important causes call for exceptions.

Wuzzy is GENEROUSLY hosting a contest/giveaway to promote breast cancer awareness.

I have not heard about Breast Cancer Awareness Month anywhere in Japan, but 40,000 women here are diagnosed with breast cancer EVERY YEAR!

You can find more info (in Japanese) at

Here’s a quick pink look (eyes and cheeks) using stuff I got from Wuzzy in my very first swap!

Have you had your mammogram? I wanted to get one, but I was refused because I’m under 30…  Does that tell you how low the awareness is here??????

xoxo, K

PS: Izumi at Moto Jewelry is hosting a wonderful special.  Buy anything from her this month and she will donate $10 to either the Philippine Red Cross or!!!!  

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