London Day 1

I’m in London and I’m having a blast!!!!

On Day 1, I went on a biking tour of London with Fat Tire Bike Tours.
If you go to London, DO IT! It’s AMAZING.
I went on a bike tour (with another company) when I went to Paris last year.
You get to see all the sights and it’s so much more fun than going on a bus!!
You also talk a lot more with various people who are on your tour with you, so it’s a pretty cool way to meet new people!

The whole entire tour is about 4 hrs long, but ours took a bit longer than that.
It really isn’t hard biking at all, so try it!! We had a lot of kids on our tour!

Kensington Gardens…

Home to Diana, Princess of Wales
(still very much loved 12 years after her death)

Changing of the horse guard

Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner

Buckingham Palace
(which was REALLY crowded since we got there for the changing of the guard)

The changing of the guard was my least favorite part of this tour.
Too many people, not very impressive.
I remember that I didn’t like it the last time I came to London, either (10 years ago!)

All the lamp posts near Trafalgar Square have this icon stamped on them:

I heard that Coco Chanel had a love affair with some royal person, who gave her the “gift” of having her initials stamped on all of the lampposts.
If I had a rich lover, I would rather have something more substantial!

Since I’m traveling by myself, I asked Dylan (our guide) to be in a picture with me!
He was a BIG hit with all the kids in the group!

Many people went to a pub for lunch, but my stomach was still on Japan time!
I went to Pret-A-Manger!

Swedish Meatball Ragu Hot Wrap – surprisingly yummy!

But the highlight of my lunch was this!

I LOVE real ginger beer!
All natural ingredients, and “No Nasties”!

This is for REAL ginger lovers!!!!
This is nothing like normal ginger ale!
My mouth was HOT from the spiciness of the ginger!

Back on our tour…
I forgot where this was… I think it’s near 10 Downing street…

Westminster Abbey!

St. James’s Park!

Later, I went to Camden Town, but I didn’t take any interesting pictures.
Camden Town was FUN!
It reminded me of a lot of Asian markets, but with lots of alternative shops – think piercings and tattoo parlors on every corner!
Oh, I tweeted about meeting a very cute guy!
Unfortunately, no pictures with him – He was with his parents and younger brother!
I did get to head out to Camden Town and have an early dinner with them.

Why I didn’t ask him for his email? Because he’s 17!
Ugh, maybe I should have asked him for it!!!! He was CUTE!

Today, I’m headed out to go shopping with Jamilla and Eve!

xoxo, K

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21 thoughts on “London Day 1”

  1. Biking around London sounds great! What a cool way to check out the sites. I don’t think I’ve ever had ginger beer, hehe. That boy must have been really cute ’cause I never hear you talk about cute boys before (just the fatties and baldies, hehe jk!). Well in a few years he’ll be legal and then it won’t be so bad! =P

  2. It was so great meeting you today and hearing about your business travel adventures! You and Eve make great shopping companions…long live Lush, Boots, and Superdrug!

    Thanks again for the goodies, and enjoy the rest of your stay in London. If you need anything, you’ve got my home number!

  3. sounds like your having a great time^^ i miss london~

    btw supadrug is selling maybelline pulse perfection for £9.67.. rrp is £14.67(which is what i paid=__=)


  4. LMAO, 17 years old πŸ˜› not legal yet! but i guess you could’ve gotten his email and emailed him ON his birthday.. hahahaha xD

    love the pics!

  5. wow I’m feeling super envious!! I’m still on holiday mood and reading this entry really makes me want to drop everything and go on another holiday. U have a great time & pls show us ur shopping haul :))

  6. Thanks for sharing your lovely London pictures with us. Enjoy the rest of your trip:] Can’t wait to read about your upcoming posts.

  7. Hahaha 17 yr old cutie πŸ˜€
    Looks like you had tons of fun on the biking tour! I’m sure you were so pro because you live in Japan and everybody in Japan are so amazing at riding bikes. I can’t even compare… And I love Pret!! They have a store in NYC. It’s great πŸ™‚ They have the greatest but strange paper bags. Hope you have a great time shopping and touring around for the rest of your trip~

  8. Yay for London! Kay the pics are great! I’m soo jelly!! And LOL at the Chanel stuff! I didn’t know about that! Ahh a wonderful sounding bike tour!

    17?! You cougar! LOL! J/K! THey’re ARE some hot underage out there! LOL! I didn’t say that! LOL!

  9. omg london is looking good. what a nice day too! no rain and what not.

    i love that pret wrap!!

    have fun with jamilla and eve πŸ™‚

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