Cologne, Germany!

I’m back in Japan now, but here are some pictures from my trip to Germany!

I spent a night and a day in Cologne!
No trip to Germany is complete without eating Döner Kebab!
Or drinking beer!
This is Hefeweizen, unfiltered wheat beer, which I LOVE.

Somehow I went to Cologne and didn’t have Kölsch, a beer only manufactured in Cologne!

My dinner was SO German – Bratwurst mit Kartoffelen (Bratwurst with Potatoes)

Most of the people had these tall columns of beer!

When I asked to take a picture of this, I asked my German friend to translate for me. She said, “Ask in English – they will understand why a foreigner wants to take a picture!”
Part of the old city of Cologne

My breakfast – German bread is SO good!

I LOVE Bretzel!

No trip to Cologne is complete without a visit to Der Kölner Dom (The Cologne Cathedral)
It’s a UNESCO World Hertage site!

(This picture is from Wikipedia)It was so beautiful there!!!

The inside has some beautiful stained glass.

I climbed up the tower, which was 157 m high!
There was only one tiny spiraling staircase with more than 500 steps!!!
It’s like climbing up 50 stories!

It was so pretty since the weather was GREAT!

A quick snack – Currywurst

I went shopping for a bit, but the streets were CROWDED!
Oooh I feel like I’m back in Japan! hahaha

I also found this store in the streets of Cologne:

Yep, a “Lady’s Toy store” – Germans love their erotica!
Did I take a look?
They closed at 16:00 and I got there at 16:15! (darn! haha!)

Yet another döner – this time döner dürüm!

I ate 9238475 wraps on this trip…
I have no idea why!

And yummy yummy ice cream!

No makeup and no hauling in Germany since prices are even higher than in Japan!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and food porn!!

xoxo, K

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15 thoughts on “Cologne, Germany!”

  1. Hey K!! I love the german doner, it’s even better than the one I tasted in Turkey!! hahaha… I don’t remember there being many interesting brands in germany, I loved Manhattan and art deco(lip glosses) though :))
    Bretzel was my everyday food for a year cause it taste so so good with plain butter… yum :))

  2. Oh, you went to Köln? If you went there earlier, we might have met there (since my parents live near Köln), hehe…

    Hehe, Weizenbier tastes the best in deed! ;p

  3. Wow, looks like it was a lovely trip and you really lucked out on the weather! SO was back in Dussledorf visiting his grandparents a few weeks ago and said it was grey and rainy over 1/2 the time. Those food pics are AMAZING oddly enough the curryworst is really speaking to me right now lol.

  4. waa all the food looks so good!! look at that tall beer!!! @0@
    oh I wanna have some authentic german bratwurst too :3 currywurst looks interesting hehe

  5. Great pics Kay! The cathedral is gorgeous!! LOL! Idk if I would’ve walked up all those steps though! LOL!

    Mmmm.. YUMMY FOOD PORN!!! Whoa!! That beer column is cool! I have to show the BF that! He’d fall in love!

    LOL! Shucks..15min late for adult toys! LOL!

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