Pressed pigments and FOTD!

I pressed some pigments and loose mineral eyeshadows!

Loose eyeshadow is really messy and hard to use so I pressed them!

I pressed the pigments with rubbing alcohol. Mineral eyeshadows flake if they are pressed with only alcohol. I didn’t want to spend money to buy a pressing medium, so I mixed a little bit of glycol with the alcohol to press it.

There are a million tutorials on pressing pigments/eyeshadows on youtube, so I won’t go into the details, but I didn’t do anything special after pressing them.

Palette #1

MAC Your Ladyship Pigment
EDM Ginger Peach
EDM Mystic Night
EDM In The Garden

Palette #2

Jesse’s Girl Pixie Dust
EDM Pink Snowflakes
EDM Samba Lessons
EDM Autumn Afternoon

Palette #3

The Face Shop Shiny Green
MAC Dark Soul Pigment
EDM Bird Bath

Palette #4

MAC Shimmer Time Pigment
MAC Deep Purple Pigment
I’m still not sure if these are the way I want to arrange my quads!

I did a quick EOTD with Palette #2

Base: MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot
Lid Color: Pink Snowflakes
Outer corner: Samba Lessons
Blending color: Autumn Afternoon
Brow highlight: Pixie Dust
Mascara: Covergirl Lashblast Waterproof
I made some quiche this weekend as well!
A crustless quiche with spinach, bacon, mushrooms and onions!
Cheese is really expensive in Japan, so I substituted cream cheese in the egg mixture.

What yummy foods have you made recently?

xoxo, K
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16 thoughts on “Pressed pigments and FOTD!”

  1. YAY a FOTD!! And a gorgeous one to boot! I love the brown/pink combo!

    Oh.. that quiche looks delish!! I love quiche! ANd I don’t make yummy food. LOL! I leave that up to the BF & his mom! LOL!

    I need to press my pigments too! I have way too many!

  2. Ooooh, nice job! I really, really, really, really have to do this, lol. I have a bunch of EDM loose shadows that never get any love since they’re all the way in the back of my drawer and just messy to work with. I LOVE In the Garden and I probably haven’t used it since last December! Love the FOTD & the quiche too!

  3. u make the prettiest pressed mineral palettes. i have tried and mine looks like an utter mess and it just looks so miserable.. hahaha..I like palettes 1&2!

  4. mmmmmmmm quiche xD
    i should’ve sent you some cheese too.. LOL! πŸ˜›

    loving palette 1 n 3 xD and you look beeeeeautiful as always<3

  5. I made parmesan chicken tonight! Your quiche looks delish! That is one dish I still want to try and make.

    Pretty FOTD and great job in pressing the piggies!

  6. ooh i remembered u mentioned about pressing them on twitter!
    can i buy what i need in japan?

    p.s ooh we are all palette twins hahaha

  7. I loved it when I figured out that I could press all my loose shadows. Awesome pressing job!! Yummy Quiche too! I made perogies with caramelized onions the other night!

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