EDM haul!

My recent haul from Everyday Minerals came a little while ago!
Nothing too new!

EDM has changed their packaging since I last ordered from them (sometime in March?)
The new lids have “Base” “Cheek” etc on them.

The samples are cute as well. They have “Try Me” on them!!!

Flat Top Kabuki Brush

I looove this brush! I already have one and this is a backup.
I’m going to keep it in my locker at work!

Golden Light Foundation – Intensive
Light Olive Foundation – Intensive
Intensive Medium Concealer
Natural Reflections Light
Blush – Snuggle

Both Golden Light and Light Olive match my skin tone.
Light Olive might be better for me in the summer, since it makes me look less yellowish.

Remember when I asked everyone for recommendations?
My order for NR and Snuggle comes from everyone’s suggestions!
I got the other blush everyone recommended (Waffle Cone) in a blog sale!

You gotta order the sample set!
Just more Golden Light / Light Olive foundations…
Also, the multitasking concealer and the Blush in Nick Nack!

I always decant the full sized foundations/blushes to the sample jars.
They are just so much easier to handle!

Since I ordered during a special, these three samples were also included!
Peach Concealer
Bird Bath Eyeshadow
Mystic Night Eyeshadow
Can’t wait to try them!

Beauty blogging really opened up my eyes!
I had been using liquid foundation for the past 5 years!
Now I have mineral makeup… and BB creams… and I’m avoiding regular foundations!
WOW! Thanks to everyone in the beauty blogger community who taught me so much!!!

xoxo, K

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17 thoughts on “EDM haul!”

  1. Their packaging are so cute now! Dang, you are running away from liquid foundations while I’m running towards it hahaha

  2. Ooh they really did change the packaging a lot!
    Sigh. I want to try mineral foundation but I still like liquid! 🙂 Also I just can’t get myself to order a lot because I don’t know if I will use it so often, plus it is messy. But I can’t wait to see you try them and post pics, I’m interested~

  3. ooh, nice haul! i really like the flat top and snuggle blush too. let us know what you think of the free eye pigments? 🙂

  4. Wow, the EDM packaging is so cute! I like how they labeled the top, way cuter than the original brown tops. 😛

    OMG, I used to only wear liquid foundation, then started wearing mineral foundation, and now I’m using BB creams- so much stuff I discovered via blogger 😉

  5. ooooo~ can you do a review? i’m always curious about mineral stuff but i need to conceal >__< but then again i havne’t even been touching my bb’s lately hahah! too much for summer D:

  6. nice EDM haul – the new packaging is cute! haha but that just means my makeup is old =T cause I have the brown lids!

    waffle cone and nick nack are two great blushes – waffle cone is just so glowy 🙂

  7. I’d love to try the flat top brush…
    Mineral foundation takes up too much time! =( I’m going back to my BB cream! ^_^

  8. Great haul! I love EDM blushes and brushes they’re so much fun to collect! I like the new packaging too. I was about to place an order for a custom kit but they stopped shipping to my country. :s

  9. Mystic night eyeshadow looks gorgeous! I have this brush too, be very careful with it because my handle became loose within a week. =(

  10. EDM is a great company! Wow their packaging really does look different! LOL! I know I LOVE the flat top buffer brush too!! I have 2 of them also!! Always need a back up!! It’s soooo soft, and give AMAZING coverage!! I’m so glad you found a brand you like!!

    MMU is always good! 🙂

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