quick love from Mayaari!

I got some love from Diana (mayaari)!!!
I bought some things from her blog sale, and she included some extras!
Check out her blog sale here!

I looovvveeee her handwriting!

Annndddd here it is!

What I bought:
MAC Bare Study Paint Pot
(I use this DAILY!!!! I am SO glad I bought it!!!)
Milani Beach Sand eyeshadow
(a nice highlighter!)

Annnddd the extras!
NYX trio eyeshadow (Diana realized I love neutrals!)
Bath & Body Works Body Lotion in Butterfly Flowers / Dancing Waters
(everyone knows I love B&BW!)
Sephora lipgloss
Strap Perfect (also on my wish list!)

She REALLY reads my wish list!
OMG wow!!
Thank you so much!!!!

xoxo, K

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17 thoughts on “quick love from Mayaari!”

  1. Diana’s such a sweety!!! Ooh… you’re gonna love the StrapPerfect girl!! I am in LOVE with mines! LOL! Give the “illusion” for me! LOL!

  2. hooo… she is so sweet. I love NYX items. They seems to be pretty good in quality. Their concealer, lipgloss, lipstick… etc everything made me so happy!

  3. Woohoo! πŸ™‚ How sweet of her to add more things!

    RYC: I would had wanted to change hotels, but we already made the reservations & it was too late, for me to change or plan another location. BLAH! But I printed out the information you gave me, along with other sites. Hopefully, I’ll be able to survive. I’m learning and understanding every day! Mwhaha, hopefully it’s enough when I get there. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP =]

  4. diana’s so freakin niceeeee.. no joke! hahahaa. i need to send her a major love pack of some sort but i don’t have money atm T___T sigh..

    yay for a paintpot! i was trying to decide how i was gonna send you a sample of mine, hahaha. but i guess i don’t have to now xD

  5. Awww she’s so sweet! Then again, so are you!! <3 Beach Sand is really pretty, I saw it at the stores! Yay for more B&BW! Doesn’t Dancing Waters smell so nice? =)

  6. so glad everything arrived safely (and without tampering!) – I’m happy that Bare Study is getting some use – the little part that I scooped out even dried up before I could use it all!

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