Quick post while waiting at the airport!

Hey everyone!

I’m at Kansai Airport waiting for my flight right now!

I’m off to Tianjin, China… AGAIN. This will probably be my last trip there for some time!

But before that, I’m going to spend one day in Seoul!

Thank you to everyone who suggested something for me to buy!

I tried to control my spending (obviously I don’t need 29479564736 BB creams!) but I know I’ll buy more than what’s on this list!

My shopping list!
I’ve blurred it a bit so as not to give away the fun of my (upcoming) haul post!
xoxo, K
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14 Thoughts on “Quick post while waiting at the airport!

  1. Wow, you’re always going everywhere! Lol. I’m jealous! HAPPY TRIPPING!

  2. That’s a pretty big list! LOL! Have fun & be safe!! 🙂

  3. lol.yeahh !
    have fun !:)

  4. LOL i love your list 😀 i need to go shopping with a list too.. as to avoid.. unplanned shopping….. 🙂 love you! hope you’re having fun! or that you’re going to have fun 😀

  5. lol i feel like i’m going on a blind date with you right now…cuz what if i don’t recognize you!!! hahahaha..at the moment..i’m still sitting on my butt wondering what to eat for lunch

  6. OH! Make a list of the korean brands available in duty-free please!

  7. have fun yeah 🙂 I am sure you will miss blogging

  8. I see VOV and a whole lot of Skin Food!! Have a great trip!!

    Aww Millie’s comment is so cute!

  9. Can’t wait to see your haul!! And have a great trip!!

  10. Have fun in Seoul and Tianjin!! Can’t wait to see your hauls 😀

  11. LMAO @ 23,0000009987 BB Creams!!!! Have a SAFE trip & happy HAULING!!!!

  12. enjoy your trip! you have a long list!!! hahahah gosh!!! MOre BB Creams and MORE skincare!!! Masks too!!! weee!!!

  13. Hahaha skincare is a must I see. Have a safe trip, K.

  14. whoa, long list! can’t wait to see what you get when you’re back home 🙂

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