quick love from Jamilla Camel!

This is some quick love I got from Jamilla!

Jamilla picked me as a 3rd honorable mention for her 100 followers giveaway! I suggested Chanel Glossimer in Cosmos, which Aichaku also suggested. I’m so happy that Jamilla liked the gloss and has kindly shown it in a lot of her posts!

Look at all the generous gifts she sent me!!!

A super cute card with cats
Molton Brown body lotion/cream in yuzu and yuan zhi!

I’ve never tried Molton Brown products before, but a quick google search showed that they are pretty popular in the UK. I have already tried the yuzu body lotion and it smells so nice!

The body lotions were more than enough, but look at how generous Jamilla is!!!!

Molton Brown body lotion & shower gel (travel size)
Lancome Color Fever Gloss in 321 Dangerously Pink
DiorKiss Luscious Lip Plumping Gloss in Mango Soda and Lime Glace
Thank you again Jamilla!
I can’t wait to try everything out!

xoxo, K

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14 Thoughts on “quick love from Jamilla Camel!

  1. Supah cute goodies!
    I like all your new lip glosses! Very lovely colors!

  2. Aww thats a nice CP from Jamilla!

  3. Yay for winning JC’s contest! Congrats 🙂
    I have that yuzu shower gel too and it’s soo nice. Definitely one of the most refreshing shower gels ever!

  4. aww Jamilla is awesome how sweet of her!!

    thanks for telling me about twitter 😀

  5. mamaaaaaaa

    are you officially back home — can I bombard your mailbox soon?!!??! I just need the stamp of KAY approval ^_^

  6. Aw how sweet of JC!

  7. ooo i love mango soda 😀 the lipgloss that is, never tried it in drink form.. if it really exists.. hahahaa. how nice of her! 😀

  8. Jamilla is soo sweet! And I love the kitty card!! Awww!! Yuzu scented body lotion?! I’ve never smell any yuzu scented product before. Must be good! You deserve love Kay!! 🙂

  9. The lipgloss that you recommended her looks great on her! And how sweet of her to send you all those goodies…they look really nice and I bet the Molton Brown products smell great!

  10. jamilla is super super sweet! enjoy all the goodies!

  11. you’re spoiled! gettin stuff left to right!

  12. Jamilla sends the best packages!!!

  13. it is such a gorgeous gift!

  14. I like Molton Brown too, their shower gels smells divine!!

    Great package from JC.

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