quick love from Jamilla Camel!

This is some quick love I got from Jamilla!

Jamilla picked me as a 3rd honorable mention for her 100 followers giveaway! I suggested Chanel Glossimer in Cosmos, which Aichaku also suggested. I’m so happy that Jamilla liked the gloss and has kindly shown it in a lot of her posts!

Look at all the generous gifts she sent me!!!

A super cute card with cats
Molton Brown body lotion/cream in yuzu and yuan zhi!

I’ve never tried Molton Brown products before, but a quick google search showed that they are pretty popular in the UK. I have already tried the yuzu body lotion and it smells so nice!

The body lotions were more than enough, but look at how generous Jamilla is!!!!

Molton Brown body lotion & shower gel (travel size)
Lancome Color Fever Gloss in 321 Dangerously Pink
DiorKiss Luscious Lip Plumping Gloss in Mango Soda and Lime Glace
Thank you again Jamilla!
I can’t wait to try everything out!

xoxo, K

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14 thoughts on “quick love from Jamilla Camel!”

  1. Yay for winning JC’s contest! Congrats 🙂
    I have that yuzu shower gel too and it’s soo nice. Definitely one of the most refreshing shower gels ever!

  2. mamaaaaaaa

    are you officially back home — can I bombard your mailbox soon?!!??! I just need the stamp of KAY approval ^_^

  3. ooo i love mango soda 😀 the lipgloss that is, never tried it in drink form.. if it really exists.. hahahaa. how nice of her! 😀

  4. Jamilla is soo sweet! And I love the kitty card!! Awww!! Yuzu scented body lotion?! I’ve never smell any yuzu scented product before. Must be good! You deserve love Kay!! 🙂

  5. The lipgloss that you recommended her looks great on her! And how sweet of her to send you all those goodies…they look really nice and I bet the Molton Brown products smell great!

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