Meet up with Miu Miu!

When I was in Seoul, I got to meetup with Millie / MiuMiu!
I seriously like her pictures better than mine!!!!

Millie is such a sweet girl and I am so lucky to have got the chance to meet her!

We were so busy talking that we forgot to take a picture until AFTER we finished eating!
I forgot to take pictures of the scenery in downtown Seoul because we were too busy talking!!!
I loved getting to meet Millie and I had a GREAT time!!!

And here are some lovely gifts from her!!

B&C Apple Hand cream!
What a cute container!!!

Nature Reflections Nail Polish!
Thanks again, Millie for coming out to meet me!
I had a FANTASTIC time!!!!
Hope to see you soon in Japan!!!
Yes, I did A LOT of damage while I was in Seoul!!!
I was so scared that I made Millie uncomfortable with all the things I bought!
I have so much stuff that it needs its own post… Stay tuned!
xoxo, K
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21 Thoughts on “Meet up with Miu Miu!

  1. Hehehe, sounds like you had a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see your haul. =)

  2. That apple container is cute! And looks like the two of you were having fun! You both look sooo pretty!! 🙂

    Haha.. major haulage huh?! See that’s a TEASE! LOL!

  3. HI, K! Seems you both spent such a fun time! I already read the posting by MiuMiu and I’m so glad for you!
    And really nice packaging of the hand cream by the way!
    Have a great weekend 😛

  4. Those are really cute! 🙂 I’m a sucker for cute packaging too!

    You both look so good and I don’t think you need foundation either. 🙂

  5. Miu Miu’s gifts are so adorable! Love the apple packaging =D

  6. I want to meet all of you beauty bloggers! It looks like so much fun! =D

    the apple packaging is cuteeee

  7. awww… nice korea haul… I love it soo much!

  8. Hoow fun!! I’m soo jealous! Meet up in Seoul! What could be better, hehehe.

  9. I’m jealous you got to go to Korea *sigh*!!! It looks like you had a blast. 🙂

  10. Sounds like you had a fun meet up! Sometimes having a great time overrides taking pretty pictures 🙂 The gifts from Millie = so cute!!!

  11. aww how cute! i love that apple hand cream!

  12. wow how cool! buy a lot of asian make up!

  13. I love the B&C apple stuff! You should try the lip cream if you haven’t, it smells so yummy and it works really well.

  14. awww how much fun!!!

  15. it’s so great when bloggers meet up!

  16. What a great time!! Thanks for sharing!

  17. 🙂 Wooow, sounds like a fun time! Can’t wait to see what you bought.

  18. what an adorable container!!! hahahaa. man. i bet it smells awesome too 🙂 i’m super jealous you guys met!! aahh!

  19. lol don’t you have a lumix as well?
    tim and i are stumped on where to stay right now. darn hotel near shinjuku is gonna cost us like 77000yen for 5 nights!!!! and that’s supposed to be the cheapest @__@ omg… lol i’ll email you soon, i’ve been super procrastinating for school work haha

  20. lumix..i meant that your camera would have nice pics too hehe

  21. Hi Kay!!! It’s been too long. Sorry I’ve disappeared from the blogging world for awhile, but I should be back soon. =) I’m leaving Japan in 3 weeks – we’ve gotta meet again!

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