Meet up with Miu Miu!

When I was in Seoul, I got to meetup with Millie / MiuMiu!
I seriously like her pictures better than mine!!!!

Millie is such a sweet girl and I am so lucky to have got the chance to meet her!

We were so busy talking that we forgot to take a picture until AFTER we finished eating!
I forgot to take pictures of the scenery in downtown Seoul because we were too busy talking!!!
I loved getting to meet Millie and I had a GREAT time!!!

And here are some lovely gifts from her!!

B&C Apple Hand cream!
What a cute container!!!

Nature Reflections Nail Polish!
Thanks again, Millie for coming out to meet me!
I had a FANTASTIC time!!!!
Hope to see you soon in Japan!!!
Yes, I did A LOT of damage while I was in Seoul!!!
I was so scared that I made Millie uncomfortable with all the things I bought!
I have so much stuff that it needs its own post… Stay tuned!
xoxo, K
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21 thoughts on “Meet up with Miu Miu!”

  1. That apple container is cute! And looks like the two of you were having fun! You both look sooo pretty!! 🙂

    Haha.. major haulage huh?! See that’s a TEASE! LOL!

  2. HI, K! Seems you both spent such a fun time! I already read the posting by MiuMiu and I’m so glad for you!
    And really nice packaging of the hand cream by the way!
    Have a great weekend 😛

  3. Those are really cute! 🙂 I’m a sucker for cute packaging too!

    You both look so good and I don’t think you need foundation either. 🙂

  4. Sounds like you had a fun meet up! Sometimes having a great time overrides taking pretty pictures 🙂 The gifts from Millie = so cute!!!

  5. I love the B&C apple stuff! You should try the lip cream if you haven’t, it smells so yummy and it works really well.

  6. what an adorable container!!! hahahaa. man. i bet it smells awesome too 🙂 i’m super jealous you guys met!! aahh!

  7. lol don’t you have a lumix as well?
    tim and i are stumped on where to stay right now. darn hotel near shinjuku is gonna cost us like 77000yen for 5 nights!!!! and that’s supposed to be the cheapest @__@ omg… lol i’ll email you soon, i’ve been super procrastinating for school work haha

  8. Hi Kay!!! It’s been too long. Sorry I’ve disappeared from the blogging world for awhile, but I should be back soon. =) I’m leaving Japan in 3 weeks – we’ve gotta meet again!

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