Jewelry: Lapis Lazuli

I have MISSED blogger/youtube SOOOOO much!!!
Lapis Lazuli:

The ancient Romans believed it was a powerful aphrodisiac. In the Middle Ages, people thought it would free the soul from error, envy and fear.
(thanks, wikipedia for the info!)
I just think it is BEAUTIFUL.

Isn’t this a beautiful necklace????

Such an intense blue… and the perfect length that goes so well with what I normally wear…

Where did I get this necklace?
I wrote about him before here.

Yeah, you read that right. A MAN picked out this set for me. He bought it for me while he was on a business trip to Chile (where some of the best quality lapis are mined).

You wanna know what else was in that set?

A beautiful pair of earrings…
(yes, I have a lot of piercings. Yes, I LOOOOVE earrings)

A beautiful matching bracelet…

My birthday was in March, but I hadn’t worn these pieces before. They looked so beautiful in the box that I was terrified of losing them!!! OMG they are even more beautiful then I imagined!!!!

Let’s take a closer look at that bracelet, shall we?

It was a Christmas present from the SAME person!

I’m a lucky girl! I have a best friend who has FANTASTIC taste!

Side note: When I explained to him about swapping, he actually understood why I enjoyed shopping and finding stuff for other girls. Yeah, he likes shopping that much!

Oh dear, I need to wear this set more often! It is truly beautiful!!! Thank you so much!

Do you have any jewelry which you simply adore? (aside from wedding rings/engagement rings)

xoxo, K

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19 thoughts on “Jewelry: Lapis Lazuli”

  1. Aw, happy belated birthday!
    I love the cobalt blue color, stunning 🙂
    Your friend is like my friend, he loves shopping too hahaha!

  2. It looks great on you!! Hrmm.. aphrodisiac huh?! >_o

    What a sweet friend! He has great taste! THat is such a beautiful blue!

    MIssed ya Kay! 🙂

  3. puahahahhahaha i love the wedding/engagement jewelry comment.

    i love semi precious stones of all sorts! big fan of quartz and topaz 😀

  4. i need a guy friend who has that kind of taste too…even some of my girl friends don’t know what to get me!! haha.
    i <3 my silver necklaces..of course they aren’t real silver hahaha…but they’re the dangly cheap kinds hehe

  5. Very pretty! The intense blue looks gorgeous on you!

    I’m not a big jewelry person…but I always wear a thin white gold & diamond bracelet, it came from my mommy. =)

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