EOTD: gold & purple, and lighting help!!

Thank you to everyone who gave me advice before on how to take a picture of your EOTD.
I was like, “why should I take it in front of a mirror???”, but once I tried it, DUH!

I’m still having problems with my lighting.

In the morning, the sunlight is too bright in my room and it washes out my eyeshadow.
Here are some afternoon pics for comparison!

By the way, the eyeshadow is much much much darker in person. I have no idea why it does not show up AT ALL in the pics!!!!

Natural light
(near a window)

Artificial light
(my living room with the light on)

With Flash

So which one did you like the best?

Oh yeah… What I used:
– cream shadow as primer
– EDM Hot Chocolate all over
– Kate Gradical Eyes WN-1 on outer corner
– Kate Gel Eyeliner GN-1
– Cover Girl Volume Exact Mascara

xoxo, K

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17 thoughts on “EOTD: gold & purple, and lighting help!!”

  1. So that’s the trick! I’ve been trying to figure out an easier way to take EOTD without having to pull my arm way out just for the lens to focus, so YAY now I know! Thanks for sharing that bit of info xD I think if you have a lamp nearby instead of using the flash of the camera, that would offset it, I think? Your EOTD looks good 🙂

  2. Usually I’m the type that tries to avoid flash, but I have to say the flash version really brings out the details of the eyeshadow and mascara.
    But it’s probably difficult to look into the flash!

  3. Yeah I usually take my EOTD pics in front of a handheld mirror or bathroom mirror so I can see what’s being taken 😀 Also if you want more detail you can use the macro function! Zooms up on all the nitty gritty details
    I like the flash pic & natural light, I hate how cameras wash out the color, it’s so annoying for me as well. Love your colors though!

  4. All of them are good! LOL! It’s always good to try different lighting sources so you can compare which one turns out better. Also it shows how the EOTD looks in different lighting if you post them all up! 🙂

    Very pretty look Kay!! I love the slight wing to the shadow at the end!! 🙂 And your lashes looks so nice and feathery!

  5. the ones w/ flash look the best. i think it picks up the color the best.. when it’s bright outside, even if you’re in the shade you have to watch out for allllll of the light bouncing around, so you’d have to lower your exposure on your camera.

    BUT.. i absolutely love this look!! no joke. your eyelashes look amazing 🙂

  6. I should try doing eye close up pictures in front of a mirror (or handheld mirror) either next time. 🙂

    I like your EOTD! Very natural for everyday.

  7. i think the natural lighting looks the best even if it washes out your shadows. it always happens to me…i’m still trying to figure a way to take a good picture haha

  8. I like the natural lighting, and try to avoid flash if you have a good amount of light coming through your window 🙂 I love your EOTD

  9. I like a combination of natural lighting with flash. I normally stand against a wall near a big window, and take my pictures with auto flash and use the Macro function for lip and eye closeups.

    Lovely eye colours!

  10. I suck at taking good closeups of my eye. I either get too close and looks like a big blob of nada. The macro button does help for closeups of eyes & lips.

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