SWAP with Blair!

This is a swap that I did with Blair from BijinBlair!

Blair and I have been emailing each other back and forth almost daily since early April. I love exchanging emails with her sooooo much! Thank you so much for being such a sweet girl, Blair!!!!

LOOK at all the stuff she got for me!!!!!!!
I have been spoiled!!!!

You will notice in the video that some of the goodies from the picture above are missing… but they are already in my tummy!

The one item I specifically requested was the Skinfood Banana Yogurt Wash Off Mask.
I’ve heard so many good things about it from the other beauty bloggers!! I’m so excited to use this!!!!

I also asked her for some postcards from Malaysia.
Aren’t they gorgeous?

She also spoiled me with some sweets!
The chocolate bars are gone already!!

She also included…
Elisha Coy Nuddy BB cream – I can’t wait to try it since Blair says it’s her favorite!
Silica powder – also recommended by Blair!
Tony Moly sleeping mask – I’m going to try this tonight!!!

Blair also got me the L’egere mineral finishing powder and Water Drop BB cream that is in the 2nd picture… Unfortunately I’ve forgotten to take a picture of it!!!

You are such a sweetie to spoil me so much!
I hope you liked what I got you!!!!!

xoxo, K
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22 thoughts on “SWAP with Blair!”

  1. aww, Kay, such a nice swap. hehe <3
    I’m so sorry for late make a post about the surprise u got me, I still haven’t go back to my hometown to get the parcel from my mama… I’m sooo sorry

  2. Wow! You’re so lucky. 🙂 I can’t wait for your review on the Banana Yogurt Mask… wait, I just remembered now, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to reply to your comment on your blog. But, yes I am really interested in swapping with you, this May or whenever you’re available. 🙂

  3. aww cute!!! OKAY We are going to swap…NOW! lol I’m going to try to do some swapage when I’m down in Socal and you’re no my list!!! <333 We haven’t talked much recently =( boo!!! But its okay you’re busy hehe *huggs* miss you though!!!

  4. You’ve been swap happy lately! 🙂 We all love you K! 🙂

    Oooh.. look at all that goodies! ANd cod fish strips!! YUM!!! Legere!! WOw!!! Yay for more bb creams! LOL! 🙂 I suck with liquid liners too! LOL!

    Yay more blue e/s for K!! 🙂

  5. Everything looks so intrigueing! I haven’t heard many of the products and snacks you mentioned in the video, so neat! Oh, do tell about the Skin Food mask and what’s it used for, it sounds sooo yummy 😀

  6. Very great goodies! Esp I like the eye shadows! What do you think about Tony Moly mask?

    awe! and btw, all BB creams have a not bad covarege for me, but I have very very problem skin! If you don’t you ‘ll like all of them!

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