quick love from JeSMakeup!

I’m gonna say this in advance…
I MIGHT be MIA from May 23 – June 6.
I am going to China on a business trip, and I’ve heard rumors that the Chinese government is blocking blogger. Yes, they block internet sites quite often. Wikipedia is very often blocked.
Additionally, even if I can get through, the internet in China is very, very slow. I may not be able to post just because of the lack of a fast connection.

My company has decided to restrict travel in/out of Japan due to the recent outbreak of Swine Flu. Unfortunately, I am not able to fly through Seoul (and meet Miumiu, SOOOOBBBBBB), but I’m lucky that my trip got approved at all.

On the bright side, guess what’s in the department store across the street from my hotel? SKIN FOOD. Yes, one of only 6 or so in Mainland China! I don’t know if I will haul though, imported cosmetics are EXPENSIVE in China!


This past Monday, I got a bit of love in the mail from JeSMakeup!
She said she had a sample of BB cream that she was willing to give away, and she gave it to me!

You can see the Missha perfect cover BB cream sample!!!
BUUUUTTTT look at what she also got me!
(and not just the cute Hello Kitty bandaid!!!)

It’s a Bath & Body Works Shower Gel!!!!!!!

Thank you for remembering that I LOOOOVE B&BW!!!!

WOOHOO for blogger love!!
Thank you again!!!

xoxo, K

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17 Thoughts on “quick love from JeSMakeup!

  1. aww. have fun on your trip! although it’s for business. take pictures!

  2. damn are you serious.. china blocked blogger sites? why is that? that sucks! but its ok.. you’ll be back soon =) have a safe trip and good luck wit the business… you toook pix of the gifts soo pretty =) i didnt kno there was a price tag on the bottle! haha


  3. Hi K,

    If you use your company VPN, you will not have any problem accessing blogger or your usual internet sites. I did notice that some news sites were blocked, but only if I was off VPN.

    We expect lots of pics, and haul news!

    Oh, and BTW, please email me your address so that I can send you your prize!

  4. Yay for getting a BBW shower gel!

  5. K!!! <3 email me your addy!!! I want you to try out the honey suckle creamy body wash!!! =D

  6. yayyy bbw stuff 😀 i’m gonna need your addy one of these days, LOL.

  7. Aw so sweet of Jess!

  8. Have fun on your trip! And yay for happy mail. 😀

  9. sweet of fellow beauty bloggers! 🙂

  10. China?! Dang!! Have fun!! We’ll miss ya!!

    How sweet of Jes!! B&BW! You’re fave! LOL!

  11. hope you stay safe on your business trip! that’s a shame about the sites getting blocked/having a slow connection.

    Aww what a sweet package from Jes! I like B&BW, but after wearing Sweet Pea for so long, it got too sweet for me…thank goodness they have so many others to choose from =P

  12. I wish you a happy trip 😀

  13. aww… but i’ll be heading to Japan soon! Hoping for the last week of July if all goes well.
    all the blockage/censor-age in China bugs me..like seriously!!!

  14. aww. bath and body works, i really love the cherry blossom scent, it is so unique!
    hehe, I hope I can surprise u soon in the coming days/weeks

  15. awwww how very verrrrrrrrrry sweet of JES!!!

    I can’t wait till you get back so I can send you stuff…till then- I’ll just continue with my “round up”

  16. That’s so cute and sweet of Jess!

  17. skinfood across the street? that’s dangerous

    yay for jes love

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