Guam Day 3: Day trip in Guam!

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I am FINALLY getting around to posting my final day in Guam!!!!

I took a day trip around the island of Guam. It was a tour organized by my travel agency, but actually it was quite nice! I got to see Guam outside of downtown, and it was SOOO beautiful! I just wish we had more time to stop and look at the scenery, instead of stopping at the stores…

I didn’t watermark these because the scenery was just too beautiful…

“The Women of the Island – Three Generations”This is a statue depicting three generations of women in Guam.
“A tribute to all Chamoru women” was what was inscribed.
Isn’t it nice to have a statue for women for a change????

The picture on the right is the ocean just behind the Three Generations statue.
This picture does NOT do justice to the beautiful scenery I saw!!!

The Statue of Liberty!!!
What is this doing in Guam????
I heard it is there because Guam is the first US territory where the sun rises every morning (it is on the Japan side of the international date line) !


Some guys in Guam keep water buffalo as pets.
Yeah, you heard me.
Water buffalos as pets!!!
The guy who owned this one let me ride it!
He said, “she’s the most reliable four wheel drive in the jungle!”
And yeah, I got to ride it around for a bit!!!

A peace memorial.Guam is a site of VERY INTENSE fighting during WWII (click here).

Two Lovers Point
A typical love story…
Two lovers wanted to get married but the girl was promised to someone else…
They were going to escape by canoe but were found out…
They tied their long hair together and jumped off of the cliff…

But anyway, the scenery was very beautiful!!

xoxo, K

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17 thoughts on “Guam Day 3: Day trip in Guam!”

  1. WOW!!! I want to go here! Its not far form Japan right?? I think the BF’s parents went to Guam for honeymoon way back whenever. *sigh*

  2. I love the scenery down south!!! and the man who owns the water buffalo or “carabao”, what us guammies call it, he is funny! LOL! Im glad you enjoyed the tour!

  3. awww I love the pictures!!! Hrmm Coastal scents…the PALETTES!!! hehe or ughmm you should get those hotpots I hear those are good! There are soo many reviews on youtube about coastal scents stuff So I hope you can find something you like! =D

    You look adorable <3

  4. how beautiful… well aside from the working hard out there. Im glad to see you’re doing some pic. taking and enjoying the surroundings and local color. and above all THE FOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! mmm

    didn’t expct to see you on a water buffalo, but you def make it look sexy . HA AH AHA

    enjoyyyyyyyyy miss kay – and take OOODLES of fotos!!!

  5. So beautiful!
    A friend of mine is going to Guam this summer before Japan… I’m so jealous hahaha
    You scuba dive right? Post your pics!! I scuba dive too.. I want to go to Guam~~~~ >.<

  6. THose pics are soo gorgeous!! Wow… I have lots of Chamoro friends, but they never said how pretty it is over there!! 🙂

    And hehe… look at you riding a water buffalo!! 🙂

  7. Awww I love this post…look at the beautiful scenery! And you look so happy and cute on the water buffalo!

    I like how you say they “jumped off the cliff…but anyway, the scenery was very beautiful!!!” lol Great way to end the post! Thanks for sharing your trip!

  8. Ohhh, it’s so pretty over there!!! There’s a Statue of Liberty in Paris and I wanted help to further vandalize it because the bottom part was full of drawings and the works hahahaha

  9. Ive never been to guam but it looks gorgeous!

    HOW CoOL!? a water buffalo?! that’s pretty awesome!

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