Guam Day 1: Blogger meet up!!!!!


Missed me???

I’m back from Guam!

I had a blast and hauled a lot (although not as much as I was planning to…), so it will take me some time to get through my posts.

REWIND to about 2 weeks ago…

After I had made my reservations to go to Guam, I was browsing through my recent followers. I stumbled upon Cheysser, who actually LIVES in there!!!

I commented on her blog that I was going to Guam, and I emailed her too. Apparently some of her friends had wondered if I was just messing with her or if I really was going to Guam! I totally understand… I’d wonder if someone suddenly sent me an email asking for a meet up!!!

Cheysser was kind enough to invite some of her friends, Shantee and Shar, to also come and meet me!! (side note: Shar actually works for the travel agency I booked through!! What a coincidence!!!!)

It was the first time for the Guam Girls to do a blogger meet up!!!!

WOOHOO! I feel SO SO SO special!

The girls were so sweet and so kind! I sent SO many emails asking for info on Guam, but they were so nice in answering them!

Shantee, Cheysser, and Shar!

Food porn!!!

Of course we had to take a picture at the DFS!

The girls absolutely SPOILED me with gifts!!!!

From Cheysser & Shantee…

LOOK at all this stuff!!!!

A Milky Way fun pack (everyone knows I like this now, don’t they???)

Revlon Creme shadow in Va Va Va Bloom
NYX eyeshadow trio in Princess Pink/ Flamenco/ Violet
5 different ELF lippies!!!!!!
2 empty ELF quads (which I have wanted for a long time!!!)
And the cutest HK card!!!!

Shar sold me her MAC paint pots…

In this ultra cute box!!!

Look at the extras she threw in!!

2 more ELF lippies and an I love Guam keyholder!

Let’s take a look at the paint pots…
Fresco Rose

My first paint pots!!!
I already used the Fresco Rose every day of my trip to Guam!!!

Thank you again to the girls for coming to meet me!! I had a blast!!!

xoxo, K

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16 thoughts on “Guam Day 1: Blogger meet up!!!!!”

  1. omg sorry i didnt get you much! they got you hella stuff. haha! but it was funnn! i cant wait til we go to Japan and haul some japanese cosmetics! hehe

  2. awww that is so cool! Next trip you need to do is CALIFORNIA! =D I would love to meet up!!! <3 and aww these girls were super sweet! to give you stuff and sell their paint pots haha I don’t even own a paintpot! I can’t wait for more posts about your trip to Guam! =D

  3. Yay for Blogger meet ups! How freaky is it that she works for the travel company too! LOL!!

    Looks like you guys had soo much fun! And dinner looked great! 🙂 And all those goodies you were spoiled with!!

  4. aww, looks like you had a fun time in Guam, and yay for blogger meetups! oooh you got colorful eyeshadows – you can play with more eye makeup 🙂

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