FOOD: Hiyashi Chuuka (Chilled Ramen)

It is getting very warm in Kobe, and there are some days when I can go through the entire day in short sleeves.

The supermarket shelves are switching from warm winter foods to cool summer foods! This week I have made my first “Hiyashi Chuuka” of the year!Hiyashi Chuuka is a type of chilled ramen (see here). For me, it is a typical summer food, along with somen! Hiyashi Chuuka actually means “chilled Chinese” (冷やし中華, for all you kanji readers), which is strange… I guess it means chilled Chinese NOODLES. Why leave out the most important word???? hahahaha Fortunately, just about any Japanese person will understand that you mean chilled ramen if you tell them you want Hiyashi Chuuka.

You can top it with whatever you like, but here is what I added.
– Sliced cucumber
– shredded chicken (breast meat or other lean meat)
– mock crab meat. This is a MUST HAVE for me! You think it’s gross? Wanna know what I think of spam/baloney/other luncheon meats??? hahaha
– scallop sashimi

Yum yum!! Then again, when summer comes around, I’m going to be too exhausted to eat stuff like this… I do not do well in heat…

Do you have a favorite dish for summer?

xoxo, K

PS: This is readily available in any Japanese supermarket. The package typically comes with the noodles & soup!

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24 thoughts on “FOOD: Hiyashi Chuuka (Chilled Ramen)”

  1. Yummm… Looks delish! I used to like mock crab meat =D Erm, what are your thoughts on spam/baloney/other luncheon meats?

  2. i haven’t eaten yet…and i’m sitting here at work…you’re making me DROOL, K! ^_^ heheh feeeed meeee yummy in my tummy!!

  3. oohhhh hiyashi chuuka.. i haven’t had that in FOREVER! time to request it from my mom when i go home next time 😀 hehehe.

  4. Cook for me please! Thank you! =P

    I like imitation crab meat…I like it fresh, haha, and it’s yummy with Ranch dressing!

    Aww you don’t do well in heat? Actually I don’t either…so I feel for you!

  5. omg i just love these japanese chilled noodles. i have packs of it at home for home-cooking hahaha. now i just have to get packs of the korean versions and i’m all happy. ^__^

  6. that looks really tasty! I’m all about salads, especially caprese salads (mozzarella, tomato, fresh basil) in the summer…or a bit of a baguette, tomato, and feta/gouda cheese for summer meals


    I have been craving this BIG style and you are parading it about on blogger! They havent got this in the shops yet here in crapster london!! I love this stuff!!!

    ps I put some avocado with mine mmmmmmmmmmm

  8. that looks so good…i love mock crab sticks! too bad they’re expensive here.
    back in toronto, there’s a chinese super market that sells premade food, and there’s this cold noodle with some meat and vegies in it with peanut sauce..omg..i could go for some right now!

  9. i know abt the blotting papers haha they were giving them away at the airport for testing. lol but i don’t use blotting papers. 😀 so i bought the cream and face soap. 😀 btw, i’m sorry i don’t have my legere anymore else i’d send them your way. 😀

  10. hiyashi chuuka with cucumbers(MUST), bean sprouts, carrots, sliced egg, sliced ham, sometimes takuan if I have it. I like gomadare.

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