YUMMY! Empanadas!


Don’t these look YUMMY????

I tried my hand at making empanadas! I guess empanadas are stuffed pastries made in Latin America and other countries…??? Please correct me if I’m wrong!

One of the non-beauty blogs I read is smitten kitchen. This recipe was taken from there!

The filling contains ground beef, onions, tomatoes, chopped olives, and chopped hard boiled eggs.

I also made the pastry, but I couldn’t take any pictures. Taking pictures when both of your hands are covered with flour is just too difficult for me…

Apparently I have a thing for dumplings!!!

Hmmm… what to make next week???

xoxo, K

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17 Thoughts on “YUMMY! Empanadas!

  1. yummm
    make me someeeeee! takkyubin onegaishimasu!!

  2. I love empanadas!! I am making some Goan meat pastries, which are sort of similar, this evening!


  3. Wow you’re so talented!! Chef K! Hehehe.

    Oh I’m sure it’s the same thing in Korea.. in fact I think women in Korea and Japan are REALLY careful about looking perfect!

  4. yummy yummy… lol, I just had my dinner few minutes ago, but I feel like i wanna eat more now.

  5. Oooh, I feel hungry!

  6. wow! I thought you purchased them at first look!!! YUMM!!! I want one!!!

  7. Mm, I love empanadas! Fruit ones are good too! :0)

  8. ohhhh my GOSH — i love empanadas!
    and i’ve always wanted to learn how to make them.

    I usually just buy them at RED RIBBON bakery (tee hee) MMM you officially made me HUNGRY!

  9. yuummmmmmm..

  10. YUM!! I love empanadas 😀 I’m going to check out that food blog!

  11. i never heard of empanadas but looks soo good i wanna try some tooo!!!!


  12. hi dear, the whipping soaps and the rest. I ordered 12 items from denisanderson.com 3 is mine and 9 is my friend goodies. total shipping from US to M’sia is usd 22.

  13. here in the philippines we also make empanadas. yours look so good!

  14. mmm.. that looks super good!

  15. wow you can cook! i envy haha and it looks good too!!! double envy =p

  16. No no … This is not as pastries here in Brazil! This food is called “empadinha” and not “empanada” LOL

    Empadinha you like then? You can also post as shredded chicken and cheese filling = 9

    ^___^ ~ s2

  17. That looks delicious! 🙂

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