SWAP with Wuzzy!

Here is the OTHER package that I got in the mail the other day!!

I am so so so so SOOOOO sorry I wasn’t able to post this sooner… I feel terrible…

It’s a package from our favorite Hawaiian girl, Wuzzy!!!!

I saw something I wanted from her Aloha Swap, and she asked me for some Japanese candies in return! I am so nervous when someone asks me for Japanese sweets… what if they don’t like them?????

How cool is it that you can call your sale “the Aloha Sale”???

If I do one, should it be called, “the Konnichiwa Sale”????? hahahaha

Anyway… I get off track too often!

Here’s the package!

Wuzzy put everything in this cute box! How thoughtful!!!
(and what bad photography!!! hahaha)

LOOK at everything she sent me! WOW!!!!

This is what we swapped for!
Clinique mini shadows in Sparkling Sage and Strawberry Fudge
Everything else is Wuzzy’s GENEROUSITY!!!
I am SOOO gonna get you back for this, Wuzzy!!!!

HK chocolate filled marshmallows & Hurricane popcorn!
Mochi Crunch & Nori??? WOW!!

Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream & a NYX trio in Guru!!!
I did not realize this was a NYX trio!
Neutrals are a staple for me and I am so eager to try the BB cream!

Hawaiian HK magnet and Hawaiian cell phone strap!
HK in a grass skirt playing the ukulele??? SOOO CUTE!
I LOVE getting touristy stuff from where you are!!!

Blueberry Swirly Twirly Soap
Jess’s Girl Eye Dust
Hollyberry Liptint

You have SPOILED me!!!

xoxo, Kay

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21 Thoughts on “SWAP with Wuzzy!

  1. Nice package that Wuz sent ya!!!

  2. Hurricane Popcorn!! Yum!!

    Totally yumminess and kawaii-ness!!

  3. look at all the purty little things!! omg and the sweeeets!! DROOL!

  4. Whoops…Trio. Not quad >:-). Idiot me, sorry XD.

  5. oooooo what a cute swap xDD wuzzy’s so generous!!

  6. Cute swap! Wuzzy is an angel ^^

  7. awww wuzzy is so sweet and generous!!! That HK in a grass skirt is darling! hehe MAN EVERYONE IS GETTING THAT POPCORN FROM HER! I WANT TO TRY!!!

  8. so many swaps dear! i can imagine how giddy it makes you 🙂

  9. great swaps! wuz was so generous with the goodies 🙂 the multi-rose reminds me of rainbow sherbet…I loved that ice cream when I was a kid 🙂

  10. Aww Wuz is a sweetheart…but you are sweet too! You gotta tell me how the Hurricane Popcorn is, I haven’t tried that stuff either! And the Hawaiian HK is too adorable…I love how Wuzzy throws in Hawaii-themed stuff…but no fair, she can totally do that since it’s Hawaii!

    It’s great to see blogger sweethearts swap…you two both sent such cute treats to each other. =)

  11. Liked what you got me?! Girl I LOVED what you got me! All the candies were great choices! Most I’ve never had before! 🙂

    And I’m glad that you liked everything! 🙂

    No need to get me back! LOL! It was an even swap in my eyes! 🙂

  12. you are too spoiled! nice swap!


  13. oh sooo cute! I love Hello Kitty!

  14. I love your videos. They are soo cute!!!
    The third flower is my favvv!

  15. nice package!! Love the cute little flowers you made 🙂

  16. I know that theres no Sephora there but you get to shop for the coolest thing there in japan! I would love to trade places with you! ahahaha!

  17. Oh btw, I did tell you I sent the package like 2 days ago right? 🙂 Hope you get it soon 😀

  18. looks like christmas all over again cuz you’re getting so many packages.
    the hurricane popcorn sounds interesting, i wonder how it tastes

  19. You’re so cute! I love the way you talk. 🙂

    I’m loving the rose crochet you made. It’s so kawaii! 🙂

  20. MQ is a counter brand in Malaysia! Coffret D’or is also a counter brand here, along with Blanchir etc etc..

  21. OMG. You’re going to be here? That’s awesome. Are you going to be staying at one of the hotels? I wonder which one – haha, since I’m a Front Desk Clerk.

    Yeah. Kmart has alot of drugstore brands – actually the main one. We don’t have alot like in the main land or anything like that, DFS is where most of the high end brands are at!

    Wooooow! You’re coming here! Cool ><

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