First off, thanks to KT & L for your very kind words this morning. It means a lot to me that you’ve accepted me in the beauty blogger community!

My package from DSK (Steph) came on Saturday!

I bought the MAC Fafi Quad #1 from her!

Ooooh, what a professional looking business card!
Get your DSK jewelry here!

Here’s the Fafi Quad!!!
My very first MAC item!

I can’t seem to justify buying MAC shadows in Japan…
This quad is so versatile that I know I’m gonna love it!

OOOOOH, but there’s something else in the package!


I love earrings…

(that’s why this ear has 5 piercings hahaha)

Thanks again to Steph for the fantastic sale!!!

xoxo, K

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17 thoughts on “PACKAGE from DSK!!!”

  1. KAWAII! Love the palette and the earrings too!

    I got my DSK package today too…that Steph has been working overtime between her presentation and her bling business! Whatta woman!

  2. Great buy!! I’m glad you were able to get MAC from Steph! And aren’t her earrings soo pretty!

    5 on one ear huh?! That beats me! The most I have is 4 on my left! LOL!!

  3. Awwwwwww it’s my super mega beauty hooker-upper! I was so happy to have you in my blogtv chat room yesterday purdy lady

    so does this mean…. we’re gonna see BLOGTV by KAY andddddddd youtube entries toooooo??

    and you got the check.board DSK earrings that I have – they’re my faves!!!

    So glad to have met you Kay, and I’ll be emailing you back soon! *HUGS*

  4. I missed this thing back when it was new – it was sold out 🙁 (but I got Fafi Quad 2 ^_^). Great purchase :D! And pretty earrings too :).

  5. ohh fafi! i like that name the quad looks good! i wanna check it out.. gonna reserach now! cant wait to see your other post wit the video =) xoxo


  6. Ohhh!!! nicceee! I love this quad so muchhh! If I see one at the CCO, I will buy ittttt! ahahahah!

    The earrings are pretty also! 🙂

  7. the fafi quad looks like something that i’ll use. i think i underestimate the goodness of mac that’s why i never got anything from them XD

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